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Rice noodle, broccoli, chicken, and egg dinner from last night

I’m one of the rare ones, the ones that actually like to eat broccoli. Even as a kid. I’ve always liked broccoli. There are so many different ways you can cook it and it will taste good…hello broccoli and cheddar soup. That’s one of the best kinds of soups.

I was browsing through facebook yesterday and came across Gordon Ramsey making this same dish. I of course had to use what I already had in my kitchen which was luckily what he had in his kitchen as well. The only difference was he used more thick rice noodles than I had in my kitchen. I had thin rice noodles but it still turned out the same way. I decided that I wanted to make it because I like Asian dishes every now and then. I just don’t like spicy ones.

Basically its very simple what you need to make the dish. You just need chicken breast, eggs, a little olive oil, garlic, soy sauce of your choice and brand, and broccoli. I use baby broccoli florets because they are smaller and easier to work with. You can use whichever you want to use.

Now for the steps to prepare everything:

  1. butterfly the chicken and pound it to get it as thin as possible
  2. slice the chicken into thin strips
  3. take your garlic and prepare that as necessary
  4. cut your broccoli into smaller pieces
  5. boil water for your rice noodles
  6. when water is done boiling pour it into a bowl and soak the noodles (no longer than 4-6 minutes)
  7. pour your oil into the pan and heat it up
  8. crack two eggs into a bowl and whisk them

Once the prep is done now it’s time to do the cooking!

  1. add the chicken into the pan and season with plain old salt and pepper (you want it as thin as possible so that it gets that little crispy edges but stays moist.
  2. take the cooked chicken and push it aside, add in the garlic and broccoli
  3. add some soy sauce to mix in to get the flavor
  4. remove the items in the pan and wipe out the pan to prepare the egg
  5. pour the egg into the center of the pan
    1. you want to whisk them only slightly once they start cooking in the pan
    2. then when the eggs are not fully cooked at the items back into the pan
  6. Mix everything in the pan together, then add the noodles and a touch more soy sauce

Once that is all said and done and it’s mixed together it’s time to enjoy it! IMG_1564

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Breakfast of champions…

Okay well maybe not champions but it’s my champion breakfast. Three eggs scrambled and in a pan. Basically it’s omelet style without being folded over. Just cook them enough and flip it over into the other side. Once the eggs are done cooking the rest is easy. 

Pull out whatever pizza sauce you would use if you were making a homemade pizza. Spread it on the eggs and sprinkle with your choice of cheese and toppings. In reality you could fold it over into an omelet. I just don’t. I would rather eat it looking like a small pizza than folded over it’s all a matter of preference. 

I prefer my eggs more well done with mozzarella and pepperoni as my toppings. If I’m just eating a plate of scrambled eggs with has browns and bacon it’s got to have cheddar cheese in the eggs. I can’t eat plain eggs I just don’t like the taste. I’ve tried. 

One thing that is the key is make sure it is cooked enough before you try to go flipping it. Also make sure you are either using a non-stick skillet or putting some butter or oil in the bottom to keep the eggs from sticking. Trust me they will stick of you don’t. It’s much easier to flip it if it’s cooked enough that it will stay together. 

Once it’s all said and done you just pop it in the microwave or whatever and once the cheese is melted pull it out and enjoy!


Me too

So there is a hashtag going around for people to say me too if they have been the victim of sexual harassment or assault. To raise their voices. To let it be known that it happens a lot. It happens to everyone every day. It doesn’t just happen to people who are trying to build a successful career. 

I know that it’s causing controversy. People are saying things like victims don’t owe anyone their story. They’re right I’m a victim and I don’t owe people my stories. I can choose to share them or not share them. People close to me don’t know all of the stories. I’ve kept them inside. This is not about sharing their stories. It is about making it known that it happens. They make the choice to share if they want to. 

This is not just a male versus female issue. It is a human issue. It is a societal issue because it happens to everyone. It happens male on male, male on female, female on female, and female on male. I know they last one is hard to believe by men can be sexually harassed and assaulted by females. Every male singer who has had their butt or crotch grabbed by female fans that is sexual assault. You might not think like that in the heat of the moment but it is. 

The only way that we as a country and as human beings can fight it is by raising our voices. Is by letting it know that this is a common thing more common than is talked about. That is what this is about. It’s about letting it be known just how many people out there have had it happen to them. Maybe one day I will share my stories and maybe I won’t because some of them are very upsetting to me. One thing I will never do is stay silent about it. I will never pretend that it didn’t happen or that it doesn’t happen. 

Agree or disagree but we need to accept that it happens and we need to get our voices heard as victims of it. 

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Tonight’s dinner

Tonight’s dinner menu was breaded chicken, potatoes and peppers. 

To make this I bought some chicken breasts, eggs, and some gluten free breadcrumbs. I tend to buy the chicken that’s seasoned with Italian seasoning. 

So you start out the way you always do when it comes to breaded chicken. First it’s you dip the chicken in your flour whether you are doing it gluten free or not, it helps the egg adhere better. Once it’s coated in flour dip it into the egg mixture. For my egg mixture I usually add some milk into it. Then it is into the breadcrumbs. I buy 4c Gluten free Italian breadcrumbs. 

I buy normal potatoes but you can buy whichever you choose. Then I buy one red pepper and one green. So I get the potatoes to the bare point (no skin) and cut them into bite size small pieces. Then I do the same with the peppers monies skinning the peppers. I combine the peppers and potatoes with some olive oil. Throw them in the oven at 400 degrees with some olive oil, salt and pepper.  

You can either bake the chicken or do what I do and stick it in olive oil and make sure you time it. Don’t walk away and let the chicken over cook in the oil. Once the breading is browned pull it out. Otherwise the breading will burn and the chicken will be over cooked. 

It should look like this. A nice light golden brown color. 

The pepper and potato mixture should look like this. Nice and yummy. 

Then all you need to do is plate it and enjoy. 

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Fried cheese and meatballs

So tonight I decided to try this recipe that I saw while scrolling through Facebook. It was on the food networks Facebook page. The recipe was shared by Guy Fieri and originally it was frying a thing of provolone. I am not big on provolone cheese so I decided to use the recipe but do mozzarella instead. 

I also decided that obviously I can just have fried cheese for dinner so I bought gluten free meatballs at the store. I was not going to have enough time between going to the store for the ingredients for the cheese and to come home and make meatballs. That’s something I need to do when I have time. 

Anyway the recipe for the batter goes like this:

1. 1 cup of cornstarch

2. 1 cup of flour (obviously mine is gf)

3. 2 cups of cold club soda*

4. 1 teaspoon of salt

5. 1 teaspoon of parsley flakes 

6. Whisk together until smooth and refrigerate for a half an hour

It should come out looking like this. 

Now originally they make a tomato salsa to go with this recipe. I’m again trying to save time and not bother with the salsa. I will just heat up some tomato dipping sauce. 

Once the batter is cold and pulled out make sure you have your oil heated. Then simple steps dip the cheese slices into flour and then into batter. Once they are coated in batter they go into the pot. They obviously do not have to be in there very long or else it would be a nasty giant pot of oil and melted cheese. 

After a few attempts it was not holding up so instead I improvised and used the batter as a base and put breadcrumbs on the mozzarella slices. This held up a little better. So they turned out like this. 

I don’t think we need a picture of the meatballs as we all know what those look like. So anyway that is what’s for dinner tonight. 

Until next time…


Why is a powerful woman so threatening??

I watched a documentary film on Lady Gaga. In the film very briefly she mentions that when she has had huge successes in her career her boyfriend have abandoned her. As if they are threatened by a strong female. My question is why would that even matter and why should it?! If you truly love someone that deeply wouldn’t you want to celebrate their success? 

I am a movie buff and I will admit I pay attention to that kind of stuff. There is absolutely no way that you can deny that men in Hollywood get paid more than women do. It’s been a never ending battle and it rages on to this day. What we need is more powerful men throwing their support behind women. 

I’ve seen it first hand in my job field. I have witnessed the men getting paid more than women for the same job. I know that it happens. We as women can not be ignorant to it happening. Now more than ever we need to stand together for our rights. 

It’s up to us as women to come together and support each other. It’s up to the men in the world to say hey you know what women can be powerful and we will stand behind them. We missed our chance with Hillary but one day we will have a woman in power. This is the year of women and we need to make sure that our voices are heard. We need to make sure that our mark is left. 

There is no reason that women being powerful should be a threat. Just because a woman holds the same power position as a man doesn’t mean that she is any less capable of it. We should be supporting each other and not tearing each other down. The only way as a society that we are going to progress is by getting rid of the hatred and everything that comes along with it. 


What’s wrong with this world?

That is the question on my mind today. I may be late to the party but as soon as I found out what had happened in Las Vegas it broke my heart. I am a country music fan. I’ve been to country music concerts multiple times over. I never in a million years expected something like this to happen. I don’t say that to be insensitive to the natural disaster victims either because they need our help now more than ever as well. They need fresh water and food to survive. 

I just can’t even put into words what I think. I don’t understand how you could do this. What are you so angry about that you could just kill innocent lives. Is your life that bad that you kill complete strangers? 

For those of you that have the audacity to call Jason Aldean a coward. I never in a million years wish any of you had to be in the position he was in last night. To be a performer seeing your fans going from happy to being shot in front of your eyes. Do you think that he is feeling good today. He is probably feeling terrible. He probably didn’t even really know what was going on. All he knew was his security team yelling in his ear to get off stage. He had his very pregnant wife there with him so his mind of course went where any right persons mind went to his family. 

My other thought is why was there no security at the surrounding buildings. How did he get that much ammunition and weapons into a hotel. It’s terrible to say but maybe they need to now have security at the surrounding buildings of outdoor venues. Not just at the venue itself. They do it in NYC so why wouldn’t they do it in Vegas. He shot people from another hotel building! If they had snippers positioned on roofs he would have been down way before it got as worse as it did. 

You can agree to disagree but there is a serious problem in this country and in the world when it comes to gun violence. 


Put yourself first

The title says it all. It is time to put ourselves first. So many of us put our jobs, our friends, our families above our own happiness. How can you really understand what it’s like to be happy if you don’t do things for yourself that make you happy. I’m not saying that we need to be selfish because we don’t. I am simply saying that sometimes we need to take a step back and worry about ourselves first. 

I know I struggle with this topic a lot. I’m used to always putting myself dead last. I worry about making sure everyone else is okay to the point that it ads extra stress on myself. That is not healthy to do. You should never be dead last in your own life. You should be first. 

It’s easy for people when it comes to work work to put work first and become a workaholic. That is not good either. Your job should not impact your state of mind so much that it becomes your entire life. A job should not cause you to have no social life. It shouldn’t cause you to not be able to go out and enjoy life now and then. If you are stuck in that position maybe it’s time to consider a change. 

I’m slowly learning how to take a step back and put myself first. Sometimes I still catch myself going back to that “well I won’t do that because I want them to be happy” place. I need to learn to be in a place of will this help me? Will this make things easier for me? Will this make me happy? I need to base my decisions in my personal life off of what is going to be the best thing for me not for anyone else. My work life I need to base them off of what’s best for my job and for me. 

This is probably also why I don’t have time or want to make time to find a boyfriend. I don’t want to spend my days right now having just another thing to worry about. I have enough things that I worry about unnecessarily. I also am just in a good place with my independence right now and I’m not ready to give that up yet. Haha! 

There is a movie I watch quite often…and by often I mean once a week, called the Holiday. There’s a scene in the movie where two characters are talking and one of them tells the other she is behaving like the best friend and not the leading lady. Her response is “you’re so right. You’re supposed to be the leading lady of your own life, for god’s sake.” So that’s what I’m trying to do. I’m trying to be the leading lady in my own life story. You all should be trying to do the same thing. Be the leading lady or man in your own story not the supporting cast. 

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NHL no Olympics next year

So the NHL has officially killed the remaining hopes and dreams that we would see NHL stars win medals in the 2018 Olympics. I know they have their reasons and I’m sure they have some valid points. The biggest reason that we are hearing is that the owners are not getting enough incentive to allow the players to go overseas and take an extended break in the middle of the season. That to me translates to “We want you to give us the money we’re losing during the break” even though in the grand scheme of things they aren’t losing money it’s just making the season longer but all the games are still being played.

However, I can see both sides to the argument. Coming from the perspective of the team owners and managers if your team gets on a really good roll right before the Olympics and then has to take a break that can cause a halt in the momentum. Not to mention how many times have we seen this happen guys go to the Olympics end up injured and then can’t play upon their return. That’s also something I’m sure that is on their list of why they don’t want players participating in them. They invest a lot of money in these players to be able to play for them during the season.

From a players perspective, they want to grow the game and going to the Olympics is a sure fire way to get their names out there as well as grow the game. It will help the game get attention in places in may not get attention in regularly. It will help increase the fan base. It will help boost players egos which is sometimes a good thing and sometimes a bad thing depending on the player. It gives them something to look forward to knowing that this only happens once every four years for them to play in the Olympic games. It gives them added recognition besides just NHL accolades.

From a fan perspective, Well I’m a fan and really I only watched the last two winter Olympics because of hockey. I watched it because I wanted to support the Us born players from the league. The talent level that you get when watching with NHL players is incredible. However, let’s not take away from the fact that the KHL and other European hockey leagues also have some very talented players of their own. Also, as much as I do enjoy watching the NHL talent be showcased during these international games, I think it would be really nice to give non NHL players a chance to prove their skills. That is what is exciting about Olympic games is supporting these athletes that you don’t regularly hear of.

USA Hockey has some really talented players that are up and coming and it would be really nice to see them get a shot on a grand stage to play hockey with millions of people watching them. If they do well in the Olympics that will absolutely help to boost their careers because they will get the attention that they need. I know, I know but you want the “best players in the world” to play in the Olympic games. How can you say that non NHL players you haven’t seen play aren’t the best at what they do. They could very well be just as talented and haven’t made it to the NHL yet because maybe they’re still playing college hockey or something like that.

Those are some of my thoughts and feelings on the matter. Feel free to share yours in the comment section below.

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Pretty much the best thing in my world food wise…

I can’t handle spicy food at all. About the most I can handle when it comes to spice is a medium chunky salsa and really mild buffalo sauce. I can’t eat wings if I can smell the buffalo before they even get to my table. Right off the bat I know those will be way to spicy for me. 

Fear not though for those of you like myself who like that buffalo taste but can’t handle if it’s too hot. I have found a gluten free buffalo dipping sauce that you can dip your wings or whatever in. So instead of having them drenched in that too spicy for you buffalo sauce you can dip and have just the right amount you want on the meat. 

Bonus it’s even gluten free. This company makes a lot of gluten free sauces that you can use. They have a really good BBQ sauce that is gluten free. It’s actually the only BBQ sauce I will eat on my chicken. I normally can’t stand BBQ sauce at all but when it comes to this brand you can’t go wrong. What brand is it you ask? This one. 

This creamy dipping sauce is just perfect for people who can’t tolerate the heat. It’s not overly spicy and it’s already cooled by the other ingredients. It’s almost like taking ranch dressing and adding buffalo to it and mixing it together. Which I will admit I have done that. I’ve also done it with bleu cheese. I’m still waiting to find a bleu cheese buffalo dressing that is actually gluten free. I’ve found dressings that combine both but unfortunately not gluten free so I ended up buying the two ingredients separately and mixing as I want to dip things. 

If anyone out there knows of a good bleu cheese buffalo dressing that I can buy in stores that is gluten free let me know. Otherwise the search will continue but for now this dipping sauce will do the trick. I just miss that bleu cheese flavor.