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Look what you made us do Taylor…

“There will be no further explanation. There will only be reputation” Those are the words at the end of the introduction Taylor Swift wrote for her album inserts that coincide with her album.

The introduction in itself is something beautiful and insightful into what this young woman has been through. She uses what she’s been through to give advice to others. As we all do. I don’t own her words as they are her own.

Your reputation is something precious to you. It is something that all of us worry about. It’s something that growing up going through school age we all worried about. We are a society that is known to put emphasis on what people think of us. We use our social media platforms to show what we want people to see of our lives to help mold a reputation of ourselves. We only post the good things because we don’t want people to see the bad things. The bad things are what could destroy our reputations. The bad things are the things that will make people think twice about wanting to get know us.

This entire album is addressing that mindset. It’s about setting the record straight from her point of view. It’s about saying don’t listen to the rumors that are out there because you don’t know the facts. This album is extremely personal to her and if you really listen to the words you will understand that. This album was years in the making and now we know why she’s been very secretive and protective of her personal life. She does not want her personal life out there anymore for people to build off of it.

When I first listened to 1989 I honestly thought that was my favorite album ever that Taylor had done but Reputation is by far my favorite album. This is the most relatable album that she’s ever made. It is the most emotional album she’s ever made. I’m not saying her other album’s didn’t come with their fair share of emotion because they did but none compares to this album. This album is full of every emotion that you can imagine going through. The lyrics are just so well written and so good that it’s hard to ignore the talent that Taylor has just for song writing. This album she clearly challenges herself vocally as well and that really impresses me.

If you are a fan of Taylor Swift you should pick up a copy of this one and I promise you won’t regret it.

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look what you made us do Taylor…

Okay, Okay, us Swifties get it you may hate our girl and guess what we just don’t give a crap that you do. So let’s discuss first of all the outrageous claims people are making about this Look what you made me do music video. First of all if you don’t know Taylor’s music video style you aren’t going to understand any of the references that are going on in this music video.

The graveyard…”out of the woods” anyone…that was a reference to her music video for out of the woods. So I guess we got the answer of no she did not make it out of the woods alive. A little creepy but very clever which is Taylor. She is very creative and very clever in everything that she does.

The car crash with the grammy award…”Driving an old Maserati down a dead end street” referencing to her song Red also the name of the album that should have won a Grammy but never did.

The “I heart T.S” on the dancers…referencing to that time the media made such a big deal about Tom Hiddleston wearing a shirt that said that same thing on it. Even though those of us that are Tom fans know he probably did it as something to be funny and not taken that seriously.

The list of names…well that’s a little more tricky because in blank space the list of names was a long list of ex-lovers. So I’m not sure if the red underline is a reference to one of her ex’s who really did her wrong or the tweet when Katy Perry referred to her as Regina George from Mean girls (the burn book).

The Squad University…this is totally mocking every single person and media outlet that has nothing better to do than talk about Taylor and her “girl squad” aka just her group of friends. We all have friends but normal people don’t refer to their group of friends as a squad that’s something hte media totally just made up.

The dollar bill…yeah you had to pay real close attention to catch that one. Did anyone catch the one dollar bill beside her while she laid in the bathtub of diamonds. This is no doubt a reference to the trial in which she just won for her sexual assault.

More on that tub of diamonds it had nothing to do with making fun of Kim getting robbed. You have to be absolutely out of your mind or crazy full of hate to think that she would do something like that.

The crowd of Old Taylor’s clawing to get to the top while new Taylor stands above them, this is just saying that the old Taylor is gone.

The snakes…well you know that is all a reference to her being labeled as a snake after all that stupid drama from a woman who is in her thirties picking on a younger woman.

The tea…it’s her turn to spill the tea now and she’s not going to hold back.

The ending…The end of the video is Taylor throwing shade at Taylor in the best of ways by saying everything that the media and haters have said about her in the past year

The line “I’ll be the actress staring in your bad dream”…so instead of being a nightmare dressed as a day dream (Blank Space) now she’s staring in your nightmares.

A few other notes, check her album release history she has always released her albums in late October/mid November. The date of her album release has absolutely nothing to do with the death of Kanye’s mother. Stop painting her to be the vicious person when you don’t even know her at all. You know of all the rumors and crap that the media spreads about her. Also, for the record Beyonce is not the only woman to ever stand in front of a row of dancers and dance…so let’s stop that reference right there. Taylor has no reason to reference Beyonce in ANY ill way as she is not on bad terms with her nor is she trying to be here. Taylor doesn’t have to try to be anyone other than Taylor. Her music sells just fine with her being her.


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Let’s talk about singing and lip syncing…

If you are a fan of music at all and going to see live performances you know a little something about lip syncing. Especially if you are a fan of someone like Britney Spears because she is frequently in the headlines claiming she does not sing live at her performances. Britney would not have a record deal and the career she has if she didn’t actually have talent and know how to sing. There is a lot more that goes into singing than just opening your mouth and having a pretty voice come out of it. It’s very easy to judge when you aren’t in the other persons shoes.

I took vocal lessons for a long time and I can tell you first hand when I went in there I didn’t realize how hard it really was to have a good singing voice. Yes I do have a good voice and I thank God for that but it is a lot of work to maintain your vocals. You don’t just open your mouth and have a good singing voice. When you are singing and I mean really singing you are using your diaphragm to push the voice out. There is a lot of breathing technique that also goes into properly singing as well. When you are a singer you have to learn to take deep breathes with your diaphragm and be able to extend that breath and push in with your diaphragm at the same time.

Proper singing is very different than just the person who starts singing in the shower thinking they are doing it correctly. The fact that you have to do all of this with your diaphragm makes it very difficult to do a lot of movement when trying to sing. The amount of movement and dancing that Britney does in each one of her performances would make it very difficult for her to be able to sing properly and maintain the voice that we expect her to maintain. Which is why she uses a mixture of her vocals and a backing track. This is actually a very common practice with all performance including Beyonce. Since everyone seems to use Beyonce as the example of a perfect performer. It would be very difficult for her as well to do all the dancing and singing.

Using a mixture of backtrack and vocals is something that has been around for years when it comes to performing. That doesn’t mean that the person performing is not talented and can’t sing. There is a lot of hard work that goes into an artist’s performance between dancing and vocals. Most of these artists also continue to have vocal coaches because they have to keep their voices in shape. Just like you have to keep exercising to keep your body in shape vocalists have to keep exercising their vocals.

I just wanted to stick up for the artists who constantly get called fake because people think they are lip syncing. A lot of the times it is just as explained above it’s a mixture. If they didn’t use backtrack their performances probably would not sound like something you would want to pay money to go see because their voices would be very weak and out of breath from all the dancing.