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NHL no Olympics next year

So the NHL has officially killed the remaining hopes and dreams that we would see NHL stars win medals in the 2018 Olympics. I know they have their reasons and I’m sure they have some valid points. The biggest reason that we are hearing is that the owners are not getting enough incentive to allow the players to go overseas and take an extended break in the middle of the season. That to me translates to “We want you to give us the money we’re losing during the break” even though in the grand scheme of things they aren’t losing money it’s just making the season longer but all the games are still being played.

However, I can see both sides to the argument. Coming from the perspective of the team owners and managers if your team gets on a really good roll right before the Olympics and then has to take a break that can cause a halt in the momentum. Not to mention how many times have we seen this happen guys go to the Olympics end up injured and then can’t play upon their return. That’s also something I’m sure that is on their list of why they don’t want players participating in them. They invest a lot of money in these players to be able to play for them during the season.

From a players perspective, they want to grow the game and going to the Olympics is a sure fire way to get their names out there as well as grow the game. It will help the game get attention in places in may not get attention in regularly. It will help increase the fan base. It will help boost players egos which is sometimes a good thing and sometimes a bad thing depending on the player. It gives them something to look forward to knowing that this only happens once every four years for them to play in the Olympic games. It gives them added recognition besides just NHL accolades.

From a fan perspective, Well I’m a fan and really I only watched the last two winter Olympics because of hockey. I watched it because I wanted to support the Us born players from the league. The talent level that you get when watching with NHL players is incredible. However, let’s not take away from the fact that the KHL and other European hockey leagues also have some very talented players of their own. Also, as much as I do enjoy watching the NHL talent be showcased during these international games, I think it would be really nice to give non NHL players a chance to prove their skills. That is what is exciting about Olympic games is supporting these athletes that you don’t regularly hear of.

USA Hockey has some really talented players that are up and coming and it would be really nice to see them get a shot on a grand stage to play hockey with millions of people watching them. If they do well in the Olympics that will absolutely help to boost their careers because they will get the attention that they need. I know, I know but you want the “best players in the world” to play in the Olympic games. How can you say that non NHL players you haven’t seen play aren’t the best at what they do. They could very well be just as talented and haven’t made it to the NHL yet because maybe they’re still playing college hockey or something like that.

Those are some of my thoughts and feelings on the matter. Feel free to share yours in the comment section below.

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Females can know sports!!

I know that I talk a lot about feminist ideals and supporting women but that’s because every day in some way or another I’m seeing sexism at its very highest rate. It is no secret that women are not paid equally to men as that has long been a problem in this country. It isn’t a problem that’s getting solved any time soon either. At least some members of Hollywood are finally taking a stance on the gender pay gap in their industry but what about all the other industries out there? What about the corporate business world? Even in my own industry I know for a fact that some women in my industry who have the same position as a male are not getting paid what the men are. However, the reason behind this blog is not the gender pay gap.

The reason behind this blog is the fact that as a woman who enjoys watching sports I am sick and tired of being told that women don’t know a sport unless they have played that sport. As a female who grew up with two older brothers that I dearly love I learned about sports at a young age. I sat through more football games than I could ever count and watched my brother play. So for someone to have the nerve to question my knowledge just because I “haven’t ever played” to me makes absolutely zero sense. I can understand the rules of the game just fine from years of watching. I know its hockey playoff season so everyone’s mood is very intense but when I saw someone have the nerve on Saturday to say that unless a woman has actually played the game they’ll never understand it that really struck a chord with me.

First of all women have played hockey and that’s why there is such a thing as the women’s national hockey team. Which means that women can understand how hockey is played and the intensity of playoffs. You think the women on our national team don’t feel intensity when they are playing in world championship games. They aren’t just playing for a Stanley cup they’re playing to be the best team in the world, which they have proven to be the past three years by winning the gold medal.

You think that just because I’m a female fan I don’t understand the intensity of playoffs or the intensity of the game? That thought in itself is just complete bullshit. Those of you who know me know that I am very intense when it comes to hockey playoffs. So much so that I have no shame in admitting that even though I love Carrie Underwood I unfollowed her on all of her social media accounts while my favorite team is playing her husband’s team. I’ll eventually re-follow her but not until playoffs are over because I can’t stand to see all her posts about how awesome the Preds are. LOL. I know that hockey is intense and I am quite sure it takes a lot out of them every night they play.

I also know that hockey hits are scientifically proven to be harder than those of football hits. I saw it on an episode of sports science. It has everything to do with how fast they are skating when colliding with each other and the amount of force that’s being used when they collide into another player. Which is why it is also very common to see a lot of injuries just from collusion on the ice. But hey feel free to come up to me and question my hockey knowledge. I used to run a hockey oriented blog long ago when I actually had the time to do it.

So yes as a woman who has never actually played hockey I can understand how demanding it is. I can understand how intense it is for these players when they are out there on the ice. Why because just like them I have the same passion inside of me to want them to win as I imagine that they have to win. Being a woman has nothing to do with understanding the intensity of the game. That’s just a man’s excuse to be a sexist pig if you ask me. I probably understand the game a lot more than some of the celebrity women who end up dating or married to players of the game.

That’s all I’ve got to say I’m ending my rant on this note saying that women can understand sports and women can be just as passionate of fans as men can be.