Pre Rep Tour Pittsburgh

So if you’ve been following my blog/website from the beginning there is one thing you definitely know by now. Taylor Swift is a HUGE part of my life. Her music has helped me get through so many different times in my life. It’s helped me when I felt sad to get in a better mood.

I know that she is not on everyone’s favorite list and she doesn’t have to be. She’s on mine and that’s good enough for me. You have your opinions and I have mine about her.

She’s always been who she is and that’s something to admire. She worked hard to build her own career. She writes the majority if not every song on her albums that she puts out. She has an incredible bond with her fans and has said that is the most important thing to her. Not every artist is out there “stalking” their fans on tumblr like she does. She gives FREE meet and greets to fans that either she hand picks from her stalking of their social media or her management team picks out in crowds at shows. She donates to countless organizations.

Next week I get to see her for the very first time. I’ve been saying for years that the one person who I really want to see is Taylor and now it’s happening!!!! I decided that I was just going to run with that excitement…why not? When going to a concert one must make a sign or two to be exact.

It took me days to come up with the idea of what I wanted to put in my signs but the day of a completely different idea came into my head and I ran with that one instead. Yes I know there are two g’s on my one sign. I went for a shadow effect and instead it turned out that way so I just ran with it.

Also, when going to see Taylor for the first time instead of spending money buying a shirt make your own. At least that was my motto. I came up with an idea and slowly over time it changed ever so slightly, with some input from my friend who is going with me, into what it became. I’ve had a lot of compliments that it turned out really good so I’m happy with it.

For the front I knew I wanted to use a snake because this is the album where she took back that symbol after being called a snake by Kim. I also knew I wanted to have her initials somewhere on there so it didn’t just look like I put a snake on a shirt for no reason. The red lipstick is because she always wears some shade of red lipstick. The green glitter around the snake was to stick to the theme of her shows. A lot of the colors she’s using are black, grey, dark reds, gold and dark greens. Plus lots of glitter seems to also be a thing.

For the back it was her idea to use the phrase big rep. Since you see that phrase a lot even on her own merchandise. The year is pretty self explanatory because that’s the year I it currently is and the year I’m seeing her in. Pitt is also pretty self explanatory because I’m seeing her in Pittsburgh and let’s be honest most of us just say we are going to Pitt. I left the back pretty plain because I didn’t feel like I needed to add anything more to it with the words already being in gold glitter.

I am so excited for this concert. Plus it’s an added bonus that it will be in my favorite city at the home of my favorite football team. There is nothing wrong with being excited. The more I am on Tumblr seeing people post about their own experiences at the shows so far the more anxious I get for mine.

I am coming prepared with my small camera since that’s the only thing that will be allowed in. I’m going to also bring a portable charger for my phone so that it doesn’t run out of battery. I know I’ll be doing things on the phone and with the camera that night. I also checked the weather and it’s pretty questionable so I am going prepared for that as well.

Stay tuned for my post concert update. I will be watermarking any of those photos though because those are personal photos of the show.

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