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Trip to Valley Forge

I was fortunate enough to be born in Pennsylvania. For those that do not know the history of this great nation Philadelphia served as the capital of the United States while DC was being established back in 1800. If you want to see pieces of American History going up to Massachusetts and seeing Plymouth is also a good place to start. Since I no longer live up in New England we went a little closer to home.

Valley Forge National Historical Park is a site that was once a very important piece of our history. It is where the Continental army was encamped during the winter of 1777-78. While they were there they dealt with a shortage of supplies and a bought of disease that killed thousands of soldiers. George Washington’s winter headquarters were here during this time period. It was incredible to see what kind of living arrangements they had during this time. We really do take for granted a lot of the liberties that we have now.

They also spent a lot of this time rebuilding their forces. They created the alliance with France as well. This is what led to the British deciding to get out of Philadelphia and head to New York City. The Americans did fight them in the battle of Monmouth but there was no victory as the British made it to New York.

Some of the sights from Valley Forge…

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When you are done seeing all of this there is the Washington Memorial Chapel at the end of the tour. It is absolutely one of the most beautiful structures I’ve seen. The stain glass is magnificent to look at as well as the inside paintings and details. They still hold services there as well and you can find out more information on their website, It really is worth it to go there and see it up close. It is just stunning.

Here are some images from the Chapel…

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I love going to visit different places that play a part in history. It’s great to read all the signs that are up everywhere and learn how it was like back that. There are so many important facts out there that we can all discover. So many of it is just barely touched on when we are in school. There is always something neat to learn about our nation’s history and even the history of other nations.



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