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Celebrities and their opinions…

So I have come across a few things lately that I wanted to take a stance on. I watch the news and am very aware of the current events that are happening in the world. I’m also always looking at twitter seeing various news pieces that are posted on there.

A few days ago something happened that was praised and at the same time shunned in the world of entertainment. Chris Pratt was honored at the MTV Movie Awards as the generation award recipient. He could have easily went up there said the usual celebrity thank you’s to his family, friends, fans, and the people that worked on his films. Instead he did thank his family but he also used that time to pronounce in front of a very wide audience his belief in God. Saying that God is real. He went into what he called his 9 rules for the upcoming generation. In them he encouraged them to learn to pray and to know that God loves them. This created a windstorm on social media of people praising him and people slamming him.

It then came out afterwards that there may have been a part of his speech cut out by editors. It was also claimed that MTV had warned him about not speaking about faith during his speech. I’m glad he did it anyway because we have a right in this country to freedom of speech and freedom of religion. People have been saying God is real for so many years but just because he did it in such a very public way he’s getting criticism for it. That to me is absurd. There’s nothing that says you can’t talk about God during award shows when you are giving an acceptance speech. We are getting far to politically correct in the world today. I thought he sounded very classy and profound during his speech. I do not have children but if I did that is someone I would not mind them looking up to. He’s a good person, a devoted father and is not afraid to talk about his faith. We should never as Christians be afraid to talk about our faith.

On Thursday it came out that once again someone had decided they wanted to criticize Taylor Swift for staying silent on Trump. Why? She has a right to protect her brand and her image by staying silent. Shania Twain came out and said she would have voted for Trump if she had voted and her own fans were turning against her. So to me it makes perfect sense why as an artist she stayed silent to protect her brand. You don’t want to bite the hand that feeds you and some of her fans probably did vote for Trump so she is staying silent to protect herself and her brand from that kind of backlash. In fact there are plenty of other celebrities who feel that they should stay silent. Wendy Williams suggested that musicians keep their political beliefs to themselves and focus on their music career.

Now do I agree that as a celebrity and knowing the impact they have they should stay silent on every issue that is currently happening? No because they reach such a large audience that their voices can be heard much more strongly than other’s voices. Taylor has her own way or letting fans know that she cares about issues. She has posted her support for the women’s march. She’s gone to court over her own sexual harassment case to be an example for victims to speak out. During her tour she spoke out at the beginning of January for Pride month. I personally don’t really care who she voted for because it has no impact on me liking her music or not.

We need to remember that just as we go to work and have jobs a celebrity’s job is to make music or film…etc. When they are not at their job they do have their own separate personal lives. We need to stop thinking that they owe it to us to share their every private thought or opinion. They don’t have to share their lives with us because their lives don’t have anything to do with the work that they put out for us to enjoy. I understand that without the fans they wouldn’t be as popular and that’s why I think some of them choose to keep their political opinions to themselves. They’d rather stay silent then risk loosing a bulk of the people that support them.

Also, there are far more serious things happening in the world and even in our own country than to concern ourselves with what religion Chris Pratt is or who Taylor Swift voted for in the election.

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