Avengers Infinity War

If you have not seen the movie beware of spoilers ahead!

I feel as though enough time has passed that I can post about this now. I just finished seeing the movie for the second time. Now that I’ve seen it again I am pleased to have noticed more of the comedy the second time around. The first time I was far too focused on knowing that deaths were imminently coming. With that being said to everyone who left the movie stunned, shocked, angered, or very confused about who literally turned into dust…remember this.

Dr. Strange knows all and he knew the final outcome. We don’t know if this was in fact the final outcome. It was just one of millions that he saw when he used the time stone to go into the future. I think the reason he gave up the stone is because he knows something very important that he couldn’t tell Stark. I don’t want to say he is a major player in the next movie because who knows if he is even in it at this point. However, he certainly knows something that is going to happen next.

Those of you wondering why in the hell they killed who they did and left the core group standing. I believe that is also all part of the master plan that Strange saw. I believe that also has something to do with why he changed his mind about saving Stark. I think that moment could turn out to be an important moment in the long run. I know, I know that Spider-Man and Iron man scene just gutted some of you. It did to me too. I also now am wondering how in the heck him and Nebula make it off of Titan.

I am also wondering that scene at the end of the film between Thanos and young Gamora. Is that taking place somewhere else and not in this realm? I 100% believe that he is questioning his choice to sacrifice his daughter. It’s also super important to note that the gauntlet can only be used once. Now that he snapped and used up the gauntlet it can’t be done again. This begs the question if some of these other characters come back for a second go around where are they. My theory is that they are inside the soul stone some how.

Now those of you getting your hopes up that not all those deaths were the real deal. I hate to burst that bubble but some of them probably were the real deal. You know there are very real very permanent ones coming in the next film. Did you really think they’d kill off the core group before the final battle? No way. However, I don’t think all of that supporting cast will be there for the second one. The directors have made sure to say to remember even though Spider-Man, Black Panther, and Guardians have sequels planned do not assume that the timelines in the MCU are linear. Meaning the second Spidey film could take place before IF. Which could be why Peter was on a field trip when he had to leave to fight Thanos. The same could reign true for Guardians 3 that could easily take place before IF. Now it could also be all talk because you know how secretive the MCU family is about move plots.

Also, to those of you who left before the post credits scene…when will you learn? Do not leave a Marvel movie until the credits are completely done rolling because you missed a huge clue about who will play a role in the next film…Captain Marvel.

Just keep in mind that the 4th Avengers film is the end of that first phase. That film is closing out those first years and first round of characters. All of the core group of actors do not have any movies remaining on their contracts. Remember just as some of us get tired and need a change in jobs so do they. It doesn’t mean they don’t love those characters.

Marvel has a huge amount of characters that they can pick and choose to keep the MCU alive and kicking. If Disney ups their offer to 20th Century Fox to top Comcast they could have the X-Men finally join it. That is something us Marvel fans have been hoping and praying for to happen. Even if Comcast does win that pot Disney could always negotiate to bring the X-Men where they belong. There are still amazing characters outside the X-Men world that they could choose from. Not to mention I don’t think it will be too long before they go after Sony to get the rights back for all the Spider-Man characters.

Stop major spoilers ahead

That being said for those of you who didn’t see the movie and just want to read this to find out who dies here is my comprensive list for you.

  1. Loki- died trying to trick Thanos after giving him the tesseract (this contained the space stone. Remember he took it from the vault in Ragnarok)
  2. Heimdall- died after sending Bruce/Hulk to earth to warn the others
  3. Gamora- she had to be sacrificed in order for Thanos to get the soul stone.
  4. T’Challa/Black Panther-this is up in the air if this is really it. I can’t see how he can have possibly two more sequels if he does die now.
  5. Peter Parker/Spider-Man- side note Tom Holland improvised this scene to make it more emotional. It worked. I don’t think we’ve seen the last of the Spidey.
  6. Bucky Barnes/Winter Soldier/White Wolf- he wears many hats in the marvel world so I don’t think we’ve seen the last of him
  7. Sam Wilson/The Falcon- this is also up in the air as there are storylines in the Marvel world where he as well as Bucky become Captain America after Steve Rogers dies.
  8. Scarlet Witch/Wanda Maximoff- she is turned to dust after thinking she destroyed the mind stone and saved everyone.
  9. Star-Lord/Peter Quill- turned to dust after having a chance to end it by helping them get the gauntlet off.
  10. Mantis
  11. Drax
  12. Groot
  13. Vision- died when Thanos took the mind stone after he reversed time from Wanda destroying it
  14. Stephen Strange/Dr. Strange- turns to dust after telling Tony giving up the stone was the “only way” so we know that is a major part of what is to come.
  15. Nick Fury- turns to dust in post credit scene not before sending out a distress call to Captain Marvel
  16. Maria Hill

The Survivors:

  1. Thor- after he survived the full force of a star to build his new weapon it was a done deal the God of Thunder would live at least one more film.
  2. Tony Stark/Iron Man- Strange sacrificed the time stone to save him so we know he’s around
  3. Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow
  4. Bruce Banner/Hulk- they have some issues they have to work out in the next film.
  5. Steve Rodgers/Captain America
  6. War Machine/Rhodes- I was very intrigued that he survived
  7. Rocket- well Thor needed a buddy
  8. Nebula- I think she wants revenge for Gamoras death so she had to live
  9. Okoye- she needs to help Wakanda
  10. M’Baku- he will probably help rule Wakanda in the Kings absence.

The noticeably absent:

  1. Clint Barton/Hawkeye- he is mentioned in the movie that he took some sort of deal after the accords. Jeremy Renner confirmed for sure he is in the next film and plays a role in the outcome.
  2. Scott Lange/Ant-Man- he also took a deal during the accords. So not sure what happens with him.
  3. Valkyrie- no idea what she’s up to now after Ragnarok or if she’s alive.

So after all of this information are you still breathing? I for one can’t wait to see what the future holds.


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