More and more today I find myself using the word entitled to describe the personalities of the people I come in contact with. There is a real sense of entitlement in today’s society when it comes to all aspects of life.

In the work environment you run into this a lot. Whether it’s people who feel they are entitled to do what they want just because they have “been here longer” even if they know what they want to do is not correct. It could be the person who feels like they’re entitled to a much higher raise than is possible. On the flip side it could also be the guest or customer acting entitled to things that you can’t provide them.

In personal life you run into this as well. Part of the problem is social media has become such a force in our every day lives. It has blurred the boundaries so much between what people should know about your life because other people share so much. We now walk around feeling like we need to know everything that our relatives and friends do because they should be sharing it with us. When in reality we don’t need to know everything that goes on in each other lives. We need to know what we choose to share with each other.

We also have started acting this way towards our idols and celebrities. We’ve started to act like they owe us everything because we pay to go to their movies, their plays, their concerts, games…etc. That thinking is exactly the problem. They do not owe us anything. Yes we support their careers just as our bosses support ours. They are doing a job. It just happens to be a job that has a large audience. When they are not on set, in a studio, on the field they do not owe us a thing because they are not working. We should appreciate if they choose to take a picture or sign an autograph. We should never assume that it’s our right to get one just because we ran into so and so on the street or in the mall. We should not be interrupting their private dinners with their families.

We need to change this mindset. We need to raise the younger generations to learn hard work values instead of entitlement. We aren’t entitled to anything. The only thing we are close to entitled to is our life and even that can be taken from us. We must learn to earn what we have by working hard and saving.

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