Meatless Friday’s

So it’s that time of year. Lent is here which means on Fridays I have to get even more creative with food because I can’t have meat. So this past Friday on my cheat day I made a gluten free pizza. Most of the time I can’t have a pizza unless it has pepperoni on it. This time I had to use other things.

The pizza crust I used believe it or not was actually not high in fat. I label read before I buy anything. When you have celiac disease and also are restricting your fat intake you learn to really label read. This is what I used. Yes that is fat free mozzarella and no once it’s on the pizza you can’t tell at all that it is fat free cheese.

The beauty of pizza is you make it how you want it. You can measure your ingredients if you so choose but it’s more fun for me to eyeball it. I tend to really not like pizza with heavy sauce so I always go light sauce. Just a tip if you like your crust extra crisp the trick is to spread the sauce from the middle all the way to the very edge of the pie. The sauce will create a crisp to the crust.

This crust requires the oven to be at 410 degrees so if you go with this particular brand make sure to take note of that. Only put it in the oven for 12 minutes or it will burn. Trust me I’ve done it.

So for this pizza I took that lovely green pepper and sliced it up and drained the tomatoes. I sprinkled the cheese onto the pizza and then the green peppers and tomatoes. Popped it in the oven and waited. The aroma of green peppers in the oven is something that can’t be beat.

When all is said and done the pizza came out looking delicious and also meeting the requirements of no meat on Friday.

For all you pizza lovers enjoy it! For all you dieters one cheat meal will not hurt you I promise. As long as every other day you are following your diet of choice.

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