Breakfast for Lunch…why not

Today I celebrate another year of age and I’m taking a much needed me day. I’m doing absolutely nothing but relaxing. I might venture up to Boston just to get out and not be inside all day. That being said my me day consists of eating exactly what I want to eat. So when it came time to make lunch I decided I was going to make what I wanted. Breakfast food.

Who says you can’t have a simple breakfast for lunch meal. I had some chicken sausage patties in the freezer. So I pulled two of those out. I had my frozen diced potatoes so pulled those out. Then it was on to the eggs.

As you know egg yolks are basically where all the fat comes from when you eat eggs. Easy way to still eat your two helpings of scrambled eggs but get less fat…only use one egg yolk. If you want to go completely fat free cut the yolk out completely. I need flavor in my eggs and unfortunately the yolk helps give it flavor so I just used one yolk.

The rest is rather simple. Scramble the eggs I usually cut in a little bit of water to help the texture of the eggs. You can cut in milk too if you want to make them more fluffy. Then you put them into the pan turn it on low heat and stir and scramble away. Remember to use a non stick pan because the eggs will stick. Also, when using a non stick pan do not use any metal object in your scrambling because you will ruin the surface. I use a spatula to stir and scramble so that the rubber does no damage to the surface.

Also when making scrambled eggs keep an eye on them. They will burn faster than you realize if you stop paying attention. I tend to like mine a little more on the dry side so I cook them longer on low heat so they dry but don’t burn. If you like them a little more moist feel free to take them out when they’re right for you.

Luckily the patties can be microwaved if you buy them already pre-cooked. Listen I love to cook but sometimes I just don’t want to spend a ton of time on things. This includes peeling and dicing potatoes. This is why I have a bag of already cut frozen ones to use when I’m hungry for them.

The potatoes are easy just a tad of oil to keep your tummy from being upset and some black pepper. You want to cook them until they’re at the right temperature for you. I like mine browned and more crisp. Yes that is the same pan. Yes I washed it between the eggs and the potatoes. If I can make a meal and only have to clean one pot or pan out I am going to do it.

Once everything is ready I pull out just a tiny bit of cheese and sprinkle it onto the potatoes. Microwave for I’m not even kidding just 30 seconds to melt the cheese. That’s it. Any longer and you won’t like what happens to your already cooked eggs and potatoes.

Throw them onto the plate and then dig in. Breakfast for lunch is served.

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