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Tonight’s meal

I have run out of creative titles for food that I’m cooking. So from now on it will just consist of boring titles like “this is what I’m cooking” haha. Anyway tonight I decided I didn’t want to spend a whole lot of time cooking. So I had to think what was the quickest thing I had in my freezer and pantry.

The result was I had some frozen already cooked shrimp.

Easiest thing in the world because all that needs to be done there is thaw them out. Then throw them in the pan quick enough to just heat them up and it’s done.

Then I decided to pull out my brown rice that I have in my pantry.

The rice was by far the thing that was going to take the most time to make. So you begin the process. Pull out the pot and get the water boiling. I always measure out my rice before putting it into the pot so I don’t over make rice that I won’t end up eating.

Then it into the pot and bring the water back up to a boil. Once it’s reached a boil with the rice in it cover with a lid and then lower the temperature to a simmer to finish cooking the rice. Once the rice is finished cooking and the shrimp are thawed out it’s time to begin the next step. The sauce.

Now I know that I have to watch how much fat I am eating and luckily the only piece of this that has fat in it is my fake butter. Yes I say fake butter because that’s what it is. One tablespoon is 4 grams of fat which is still not bad but let’s be honest you need at least two tablespoons if you want this to turn out well. Plus a little bit of garlic and old bay for flavoring.

Once that is all said and done and combined together it’s time to combine everything. Put the rice on your plate and then just dump the contents of the pan right on top of the rice. That’s it you’re done.

All in all it should take you probably 20-30 minutes to make this meal and that’s only taking into account the time it’s going to take for the rice to cook and the shrimp to thaw out. Other than that it’s very simple to make.

Bon appétit!

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