Gluten Free

Dinner tonight

Tonight I had one of those moments. You know which ones I’m talking about. The ones where you open up your freezer and your fridge and go “what the heck can I make out of this”. So I decided to do what I normally do. Pick and pull things out that I think will taste good together. Throw them in a pan and see if it actually works. So this is what I started out with.

Organic Jasmine Rice, Organic lean turkey, Organic spinach, and peppers

The next thing on the list is to have some kind of seasonings to make it taste a little less bland. The peppers add flavor themselves and so does the spinach you really don’t need to go super heavy on any seasoning but a pinch of two will help. These are the ones that I decided for this throw it all together kind of dish. Feel free to use whatever herbs you like in your dish to season it with. These just happen to be flavors that I know I enjoy.

Salt and Pepper naturally, Basil, Thyme, and Rosemary

The next step is to get your pan ready. I have to be very careful but when it comes to this kind of cooking you do need some oil. Try to find the best oil that is the lowest in possible fat content that it’s going to give you and even then use very little of it. You can use water to keep the vegetables moist enough to cook and not stick. I also do not ever use real butter I use a butter substitute that is pretty low in fat as well.

The next steps are pretty easy. First start with the just the spinach and peppers and add them into your pan. Medium to low heat is best once the pan is hot. This way it will still cook the veggies without them sticking and becoming too done. Once they vegetables are soft and cooked add in the turkey to get that cooked. It should not be a very long cooking process for these parts of the dish. Make sure that while you are also cooking these that you have the water on and the rice cooking as well. Doing both simultaneously will save you extra time having to wait for the rice to be cooked as well.

Make sure you read how much time your rice is going to need to cook. Also a good rule of thumb is to check the rice usually after about 10 minutes of being in the water pull out some rice and see if it is still too hard. This will help you be able to estimate how much longer you are going to need to leave the rice on the stove. Also, when cooking rice you want to bring the water to a boil but once it is boiling and you add the rice DO NOT LEAVE IT ON HIGH. Turn the stove down to medium low heat and let the rice simmer and cook that way on the stove. You should usually use a lid during the time it is simmering as well. Just make sure you keep periodically stirring the rice so it does not stick and evenly cooks.

Once the rice is cooked pull it off the stove and add it into the pot with your vegetables and your turkey. Then you can add in your seasonings to it. When it’s all mixed together it should look something like this. The coloring will depend on what herbs you add into it. For those of you that like paprika and spicy your rice will look different. It turned out to be a very delicious meal for myself that I actually ended up having enough left to get another meal out of it for another day.img_1800

I hope you enjoy whatever variation of this you decide to make!


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