The Swift Life…my thoughts

A few months ago Taylor Swift fans got a gift of sorts. They got confirmation of the app that she was finally going to be releasing. It’s been known that she had been working with Glu Games for almost 2 years now on an app. Finally it was released what this app was going to be like. Essentially it is a social media safe space for her fandom to come together and bond over her. It is a space for positive encouragement and making friends. Where they can talk all they want about how incredibly awesome they think Taylor is and not be judged for it. It was her way of making something so that she could really be able to connect with her fans.

I being a Taylor Swift fan of course am on the app. So I can share some of my thoughts and for the most part they are positive but there are some negatives as well. So let’s start with the positives because that’s usually the way these kind of things work…haha.

Icon that will be on your phone


  1. Connecting to Taylor: this app does give the opportunity for Taylor to connect with her fans in a more intimate way than just on Tumblr, instagram…etc.
  2. Bonding: The app does promote bonding with other Swift fans
  3. Meeting people: It is a great app to meet people from all over the world and create and build relationships with them.
  4. Environment: overall it is a very positive environment which is something that let’s face it is very much needed in today’s society.
  5. Creativity: this space is a great place for Swifts fans to express their creativity in so many various ways.
  6. Post likes: This app does allow users to like other users posts but it can be a negative as well. Which I will touch on in that area. The positive is that it makes all of us feel good when posts get like no matter what platform we are using.


  1. It can be a bit confusing to maneuver
  2. Attention: It is very much filled with a lot of posts just begging for attention from Taylor.
  3. If you are expecting actual reward besides just the reward of friendship and a good environment this is not the place. Taylor is only one person and she can’t possibly go on this app 24/7 and like every single post she sees.
  4. Battery draining: This app is severely battery draining when you are on it. So plan ahead if you think you’re going to be one of those users that is constantly spending hours a day on this app that you’re phone is going to die periodically throughout the day.
  5. Oversharing: This as much as it is a “game” is a social media platform and that still presents the same dangers as every other platform. These people do not personally know you so oversharing still has to be considered in this app.
  6. Predators: There are still creepers that are going to slip through the cracks in order to use this app to connect to young ladies or young men. That is why they encourage users to report anything and everything that just does not jive with the positive environment Taylor wants for her fans.
  7. Adult fans: This app so far from what I’ve seen is not friendly to adult swift fans and is geared very much towards young adults and early twenties age range. I say adult fans because after my last bullet point I felt the need to point out that there are still some of us who are Taylor fans and are aging with her thus we are now adults.
  8. Likes: This can be a positive and negative. Negative is that are people only liking it to complete goals?? So is there really genuine bonding experiences happening.
  9. Jealousy: As much as you try to admit it jealous fans are still out there. The ones that haven’t gotten noticed by Taylor and are so mad that they are ridding the app of posts that Taylor has noticed by reporting them.

The basics of the app:

  1. You earn Taymoji’s by liking posts (why one of my positives and negatives is liking posts because how do you know they are sincere or just looking to earn more taymojis
  2. There are various levels to achieve as far as liking posts, getting followers, using swiftsends (more on this later), and earning and leaving taymoji’s on posts
  3. Leveling up is done by completing tasks which you can find by clicking the icon that looks like a clip board with a checklist. You also earn a star (credit towards leveling up) each time you successfully like enough posts to earn more taymoji’s per pack (more on this in a bit)
  4. Swiftsends are paper airplane icons that you may use to do exactly that swifsend a post that you really like to a special feed in the hopes that Taylor will notice it. Use them wisely.
  5. Taylor’s Feed is where you can find any items that Taylor herself has liked or that Taylor Nation (her management team) have liked.
  6. About those taymoji’s they come in packs that are named after taylor’s songs. Sometimes you get a rare one that opens up to more taymoji’s
  7. Meredith and Olivia her beloved cats also make appearances once a day to give you their own taymojis
  8. Guitar picks are the method of currency in Taylor’s app. You earn guitar picks each time you level up and can also purchase them from the store for real us dollars. The store is the icon that looks like a shopping bag and underneath it will show the amount of picks you currently have.

My final thoughts:

While this app is great for connecting to each other through being fans of Taylor. Is it really that great at connecting to her…that leaves something to be desired as expected being that she is only one person. This app is definitely heavily filled with pre-teens to young twenties fans so it is very much full of content just seeking her attention sometimes almost begging for it. That can be annoying. I honestly have the app but I rarely go on it anymore. It wore off on me very fast and I will stick to my tumblr account.

Why is the apps appeal wavering? Perhaps for all the reasons stated above. It does not appeal to an age range of fans that are the same age as Taylor or older. It appeals to one age range of fan and that is the ones who can spend hours on their phone or whatever device that chose to be using. It could also be the fact that if you are familiar with Glu they are known for games and while this is still a “game” per say in terms of leveling up but it is much more social media than a game. If you hear a celebrity working with Glu you are thinking it’s going to be Kim Kardashian Hollywood all over again and be this great interactive game.

I personally can take or leave this app in my honest opinion. Feel free to form your own opinion of it if you are a Taylor fan and sign up for yourself and try it out.

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