Merry Christmas!

Christmas is the time of year where I always think of family, laughs, wine, and love. This year I happened to be spending the holiday alone for the first time in my life. When I finished up cleaning my apartment on Christmas Eve afternoon I sat down and put on a Christmas movie. Then a thought occurred to me. Why am I sitting alone and wallowing in the fact that I’m alone? So I decided to go into the city of Boston and celebrate Christmas Eve that way. Plus people had been asking me for pictures of Boston at Christmas time.

I got a steal on a new dress at Macy’s while I was in the city because they were having a large sale which worked out in my favor. After that I decided to go and walk to where Faneuil Hall market place is since that is where the Boston tree is located. It just so happened that I hit it at the right time where they were doing their Blink! Christmas musical light show. I only made it through one song before I had to leave the area to go and get my dinner.

Sometimes you meet the most interesting people by chance out and about on holidays. I ended up having some great conversation with people like myself who were alone on the holiday due to their own work schedules. I thank them today for the conversation and for helping make my Christmas holiday not as bad as it could have been. I will say this though if you plan to venture into Boston to spend the holidays do your research about restaurants and bars that will or won’t be open. Make sure to always have a reservation don’t leave it up to chance or you could be waiting a very long time to even get a table.

Now onto what I know you all really want to see since I started this post…the pictures.

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