Gluten Free

Simple way to get your veggies

If you’ve followed my blog for the past several months you know that I am a big fan of Asian flavors. I love fried rice even though now that I’m on a low fat diet I have to find ways to be more creative in making it healthier for myself. More to come on that in the future the more I play around with things. It’s all about moderation and reading the labels of what you’re cooking with.

This dish was made before I knew any of what was going on with my health. That was a new revelation that came about only a few weeks ago. So to make this dish here’s a list of things that you would need.

  1. Your choice of soy sauce (mine is la choy lite) as I know it is gluten free and safe for me to consume
  2. white rice or brown depending on preference (for better fried taste make sure it is pre-cooked a day or two ahead of time)
  3. Eggs
  4. Frozen bag of mixed veggies (please feel free to substitute the frozen for fresh if you have time)
  5. Bean sprouts are a good option too: I did not add them into this version as I was making it for my family members so it was modified from how I normally do it.
  6. Butter or butter subsitute
  7. Any kind of cooking oil you would like to use

It’s super simple to make and takes very little time. All you do to start out is make sure if you are using fresh veggies to pan cook them or steam them ahead of time. If they are frozen pop them in the microwave first to thaw them out.

Then move onto your rice. It doesn’t have to be pre-cooked and cold but it just makes for a better more authentic tasting fried rice if it is. If not then get your water boiling for the rice and add it in there. For even more flavor instead of cooking the rice in water cook it in chicken stock. Once the rice is done pull it off the stove so that it does not continue to cook any further. Set the rice aside.

Now for the eggs. Just a helpful tip for you, add a dash of the soy sauce you are going to be using to flavor the entire dish into the rice and mix it together. Then make sure your pan is on medium to low heat and pour the egg in. It’s the same process you would use for scrambled eggs. You can cook them to whatever consistency you prefer your eggs to be. I like my eggs more on the well done side and not watery.

Once the eggs are done if you want to save a pan just throw your vegetables and your fried rice right on in there. Add just a hair more oil to unstick the rice as it’s by now been sitting for a few minutes. Then add a tablespoon of soy sauce into the pan. Mix it all up. If you want more flavor add more soy sauce but please be careful when it comes to soy sauce because unless you buy low sodium versions it contains a lot of sodium. Usually I add a tablespoon and then if I want more I add a few drops when it’s on my plate.

That’s all it takes and then you have fried rice. I like to add bean sprouts to mine when I remember to have them in my pantry. When it comes to bean sprouts try to get them fresh in the produce section but it they don’t have them there are some canned versions.

If you make it I hope you enjoy it!

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