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A twist on a classic…

So tonight i surprised myself. I have to eat a low fat diet because of my health the past few weeks has not been well. So I decided to try something. I have some fat free chicken broth, some chicken, and some peppers. I love cooked peppers. I’m a big fan of red green and yellow ones.

I pulled out a pan cooked the chicken with minimal seasoning and by minimal I mean salt and pepper and that was it. I admit I did use a healthy butter substitute but minimal amount in order to cook the chicken and peppers. Low fat diet doesn’t mean zero fat. It just means monitoring it.

I had some left over steamed white rice in the fridge so I thought why not let’s take all of this and throw it together and make a soup. I don’t have carrots or celery that you would put in a traditional chicken rice soup so I made my own.

It turns out that when you add the cooked peppers into the broth it creates this heavenly aroma and flavor to it. It’s just that little something extra and you can really taste the red pepper flavor. I absolutely love it. I wasn’t sure it would work out but I’m glad it did.

The finished product looks like this.

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