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There will be REPUTATION

“There will be no further explanation. There will only be reputation” Those are the words at the end of the introduction Taylor Swift wrote for her album inserts that coincide with her album.

The introduction in itself is something beautiful and insightful into what this young woman has been through. She uses what she’s been through to give advice to others. As we all do. I don’t own her words as they are her own.

Your reputation is something precious to you. It is something that all of us worry about. It’s something that growing up going through school age we all worried about. We are a society that is known to put emphasis on what people think of us. We use our social media platforms to show what we want people to see of our lives to help mold a reputation of ourselves. We only post the good things because we don’t want people to see the bad things. The bad things are what could destroy our reputations. The bad things are the things that will make people think twice about wanting to get know us.

This entire album is addressing that mindset. It’s about setting the record straight from her point of view. It’s about saying don’t listen to the rumors that are out there because you don’t know the facts. This album is extremely personal to her and if you really listen to the words you will understand that. This album was years in the making and now we know why she’s been very secretive and protective of her personal life. She does not want her personal life out there anymore for people to build off of it.

When I first listened to 1989 I honestly thought that was my favorite album ever that Taylor had done but Reputation is by far my favorite album. This is the most relatable album that she’s ever made. It is the most emotional album she’s ever made. I’m not saying her other album’s didn’t come with their fair share of emotion because they did but none compares to this album. This album is full of every emotion that you can imagine going through. The lyrics are just so well written and so good that it’s hard to ignore the talent that Taylor has just for song writing. This album she clearly challenges herself vocally as well and that really impresses me.

If you are a fan of Taylor Swift you should pick up a copy of this one and I promise you won’t regret it.

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