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I read a blog recently and it was very condescending against adults who enjoy Disney World vacations. There is absolutely no need to condemn people for what they happen to enjoy. I don’t enjoy tattoos and horror movies but I don’t walk around condemning people that do. I know people that do and that’s fine. There is no law that says we all have to enjoy doing the same things. That’s what makes society interesting is that we all our different and enjoy different things.

I happen to enjoy going to Disney World and I’m lucky that I have family members that do too. As I’ve gotten older I think I appreciate it more than I did as a child. Now it’s more of a nostalgic feeling when I go to see things. It’s always changing and they’re always adding new things. In a few years there will be a Star Wars world that I can’t wait to go to.

This year I got to go with just my sister in law and we went through three different parks that day. We were there all day until after midnight and it was amazing. There is nothing like the feeling of seeing the castle lit up at night.

To the person who said Disney is almost for children. Let me tell you something about what I saw when I was at the park. There were more groups of just adults that were at the park than you would believe. Of course there were families because part of the joy is seeing how the kids faces light up. We saw multiple sets of bachelorette groups there. We saw a couple that was spending their honeymoon there. Disney is not just for kids and it is absolutely ridiculous to think that adults can’t just go and enjoy it to. Why do you think they now serve alcohol in every park except Magic Kingdom? Because they want to cater to the adults that visit too.

I had a great day at Disney but I don’t share extremely personal photos on a public blog.

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