Don’t make the mistake

Please don’t mistake my daily lifestyle as some kind of diet fad. It’s not. Thanks or no thanks to some celebrities coming out say oh this gluten free diet is amazing my lifestyle has become a joke among some dieters.

There is a HUGE difference between someone claiming “sensitivity” and dieting for that and someone like me who is diagnosed with Celiac disease. Yes, all these studies are coming out saying that sensitivity may not even exist but Celiac does. Celiac Disease absolutely is life threatening if you read about it you will find that out.

I can 100% tell the difference if I have eaten something I should not have. Which is why I am extra careful when it comes to going out to eat anywhere. It’s why I prefer to cook in my own kitchen because I control the ingredients and the environment it’s being made in.

Also, I am at risk for a whole lot of other conditions because of Celiac Disease. My life expectancy is not terrible but not what a completely healthy persons is. There’s also that whole thing that getting diagnosed as an adult means you’re less likely to have your gut completely 100% heal from it.

A lot of people with Celiac Disease still deal with leaky guy symptoms. They still feel constantly bloated even when they shouldn’t. There’s a lot of side effects associated with it as well. Believe it or don’t believe it but depression and anxiety is also connected to celiac disease. Don’t take that the wrong way though the Celiac does not cause the depression it just doesn’t help those that already suffer from it.

Vitamin levels are hugely impacted by celiac disease. I have to take a multi vitamin daily and sometimes that’s not even enough and I need to take extra of certain vitamins. Celiac Disease is directly linked to your bodies ability to absorb the vitamins and nutrients that are in food. Which is why it becomes life threatening if not treated because your body will start to fail if it isn’t getting the nutrients it needs.

So don’t look at me when I say I need to eat gluten free as someone who is just being part of a crowd on a diet fad. I am doing it because I want to live and to experience life.

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