Gluten Free

Homemade sauce time…

Have you ever got an idea for dinner and then realized you didn’t have what you needed to make that dinner? That happened to me not once but TWICE today.

It all started when I wanted to make meat sauce. I had already had a burger for lunch so I didn’t want to use ground beef again. I thought I had bought ground turkey but didn’t. So I reached in and found sausage. So I improvised and pulled the skin off the sausage and used that as the ground meat.

Then I continued on and started making the pasta noodles. Once those were done and the meat was cooked I went into the cabinet to grab pasta sauce. Much to my disappointment the canned pasta sauce was not in the cabinet. I had forgotten to buy any.

Luckily, I had a can of whole peeled tomatoes. I had all the herbs that I needed. I had two little things of tomato paste. I have sugar and water. So my head went okay looks like you are going to do it the homemade sauce way.

So I pulled out my food processor and opened up the can of tomatoes. I threw them into the food processor and pulled them up. Then they went into the pot. Then I opened up the tomato paste cans and threw them into the mix. Then it was time to go into the herb cabinet and grab all of those things.

I was taught to never forget the bay leaf when making sauce. However, make sure once the sauce has simmered and absorbed the flavor to remove them. Then it was throw in all the spices.

Stir it all up together and then I first forgot to add water but the beauty of having a mother that cooks is I called her and asked why it was starting to burn. She reminded me to add water and sugar. So I added the sugar and water and then threw in the meat that I had cooked earlier. The result was a much better looking. Sauce that would not burn.

Now it just has to sit on the stove on low heat for a while and absorb all the flavorings.

Once it is done simmering give or take 45 minutes to an hour remove the bay leaf and it’s ready to go. If you’re in a hurry you can give it only the normal time frame but the longer you let it simmer gives it time to absorb the flavors you added.

So then my next adventure happened right as my sauce finished it’s simmer I lost power! So forgive me for showing my final product photo in somewhat darkness. This is the final product…and let me tell you the sauce was on point.

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