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Rice noodle, broccoli, chicken, and egg dinner from last night

I’m one of the rare ones, the ones that actually like to eat broccoli. Even as a kid. I’ve always liked broccoli. There are so many different ways you can cook it and it will taste good…hello broccoli and cheddar soup. That’s one of the best kinds of soups.

I was browsing through facebook yesterday and came across Gordon Ramsey making this same dish. I of course had to use what I already had in my kitchen which was luckily what he had in his kitchen as well. The only difference was he used more thick rice noodles than I had in my kitchen. I had thin rice noodles but it still turned out the same way. I decided that I wanted to make it because I like Asian dishes every now and then. I just don’t like spicy ones.

Basically its very simple what you need to make the dish. You just need chicken breast, eggs, a little olive oil, garlic, soy sauce of your choice and brand, and broccoli. I use baby broccoli florets because they are smaller and easier to work with. You can use whichever you want to use.

Now for the steps to prepare everything:

  1. butterfly the chicken and pound it to get it as thin as possible
  2. slice the chicken into thin strips
  3. take your garlic and prepare that as necessary
  4. cut your broccoli into smaller pieces
  5. boil water for your rice noodles
  6. when water is done boiling pour it into a bowl and soak the noodles (no longer than 4-6 minutes)
  7. pour your oil into the pan and heat it up
  8. crack two eggs into a bowl and whisk them

Once the prep is done now it’s time to do the cooking!

  1. add the chicken into the pan and season with plain old salt and pepper (you want it as thin as possible so that it gets that little crispy edges but stays moist.
  2. take the cooked chicken and push it aside, add in the garlic and broccoli
  3. add some soy sauce to mix in to get the flavor
  4. remove the items in the pan and wipe out the pan to prepare the egg
  5. pour the egg into the center of the pan
    1. you want to whisk them only slightly once they start cooking in the pan
    2. then when the eggs are not fully cooked at the items back into the pan
  6. Mix everything in the pan together, then add the noodles and a touch more soy sauce

Once that is all said and done and it’s mixed together it’s time to enjoy it! IMG_1564

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