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Breakfast of champions…

Okay well maybe not champions but it’s my champion breakfast. Three eggs scrambled and in a pan. Basically it’s omelet style without being folded over. Just cook them enough and flip it over into the other side. Once the eggs are done cooking the rest is easy. 

Pull out whatever pizza sauce you would use if you were making a homemade pizza. Spread it on the eggs and sprinkle with your choice of cheese and toppings. In reality you could fold it over into an omelet. I just don’t. I would rather eat it looking like a small pizza than folded over it’s all a matter of preference. 

I prefer my eggs more well done with mozzarella and pepperoni as my toppings. If I’m just eating a plate of scrambled eggs with has browns and bacon it’s got to have cheddar cheese in the eggs. I can’t eat plain eggs I just don’t like the taste. I’ve tried. 

One thing that is the key is make sure it is cooked enough before you try to go flipping it. Also make sure you are either using a non-stick skillet or putting some butter or oil in the bottom to keep the eggs from sticking. Trust me they will stick of you don’t. It’s much easier to flip it if it’s cooked enough that it will stay together. 

Once it’s all said and done you just pop it in the microwave or whatever and once the cheese is melted pull it out and enjoy!

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