Me too

So there is a hashtag going around for people to say me too if they have been the victim of sexual harassment or assault. To raise their voices. To let it be known that it happens a lot. It happens to everyone every day. It doesn’t just happen to people who are trying to build a successful career. 

I know that it’s causing controversy. People are saying things like victims don’t owe anyone their story. They’re right I’m a victim and I don’t owe people my stories. I can choose to share them or not share them. People close to me don’t know all of the stories. I’ve kept them inside. This is not about sharing their stories. It is about making it known that it happens. They make the choice to share if they want to. 

This is not just a male versus female issue. It is a human issue. It is a societal issue because it happens to everyone. It happens male on male, male on female, female on female, and female on male. I know they last one is hard to believe by men can be sexually harassed and assaulted by females. Every male singer who has had their butt or crotch grabbed by female fans that is sexual assault. You might not think like that in the heat of the moment but it is. 

The only way that we as a country and as human beings can fight it is by raising our voices. Is by letting it know that this is a common thing more common than is talked about. That is what this is about. It’s about letting it be known just how many people out there have had it happen to them. Maybe one day I will share my stories and maybe I won’t because some of them are very upsetting to me. One thing I will never do is stay silent about it. I will never pretend that it didn’t happen or that it doesn’t happen. 

Agree or disagree but we need to accept that it happens and we need to get our voices heard as victims of it. 

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