Gluten Free

Tonight’s dinner

Tonight’s dinner menu was breaded chicken, potatoes and peppers. 

To make this I bought some chicken breasts, eggs, and some gluten free breadcrumbs. I tend to buy the chicken that’s seasoned with Italian seasoning. 

So you start out the way you always do when it comes to breaded chicken. First it’s you dip the chicken in your flour whether you are doing it gluten free or not, it helps the egg adhere better. Once it’s coated in flour dip it into the egg mixture. For my egg mixture I usually add some milk into it. Then it is into the breadcrumbs. I buy 4c Gluten free Italian breadcrumbs. 

I buy normal potatoes but you can buy whichever you choose. Then I buy one red pepper and one green. So I get the potatoes to the bare point (no skin) and cut them into bite size small pieces. Then I do the same with the peppers monies skinning the peppers. I combine the peppers and potatoes with some olive oil. Throw them in the oven at 400 degrees with some olive oil, salt and pepper.  

You can either bake the chicken or do what I do and stick it in olive oil and make sure you time it. Don’t walk away and let the chicken over cook in the oil. Once the breading is browned pull it out. Otherwise the breading will burn and the chicken will be over cooked. 

It should look like this. A nice light golden brown color. 

The pepper and potato mixture should look like this. Nice and yummy. 

Then all you need to do is plate it and enjoy. 

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