Gluten Free

Pretty much the best thing in my world food wise…

I can’t handle spicy food at all. About the most I can handle when it comes to spice is a medium chunky salsa and really mild buffalo sauce. I can’t eat wings if I can smell the buffalo before they even get to my table. Right off the bat I know those will be way to spicy for me. 

Fear not though for those of you like myself who like that buffalo taste but can’t handle if it’s too hot. I have found a gluten free buffalo dipping sauce that you can dip your wings or whatever in. So instead of having them drenched in that too spicy for you buffalo sauce you can dip and have just the right amount you want on the meat. 

Bonus it’s even gluten free. This company makes a lot of gluten free sauces that you can use. They have a really good BBQ sauce that is gluten free. It’s actually the only BBQ sauce I will eat on my chicken. I normally can’t stand BBQ sauce at all but when it comes to this brand you can’t go wrong. What brand is it you ask? This one. 

This creamy dipping sauce is just perfect for people who can’t tolerate the heat. It’s not overly spicy and it’s already cooled by the other ingredients. It’s almost like taking ranch dressing and adding buffalo to it and mixing it together. Which I will admit I have done that. I’ve also done it with bleu cheese. I’m still waiting to find a bleu cheese buffalo dressing that is actually gluten free. I’ve found dressings that combine both but unfortunately not gluten free so I ended up buying the two ingredients separately and mixing as I want to dip things. 

If anyone out there knows of a good bleu cheese buffalo dressing that I can buy in stores that is gluten free let me know. Otherwise the search will continue but for now this dipping sauce will do the trick. I just miss that bleu cheese flavor. 

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