Federer and Nadal

If you ask someone what they will remember over the last decade of men’s tennis it is the rivalry and the friendship between two power house players. There’s no question that those of us who have gotten to witness countless matches against each other and countless championships are the lucky ones. It could be a very long time before you see two such strong incredible players come around like this again.

These two came a semi final short of meeting each other finally in the US Open and likely that opportunity may not come again. We all know that at age 36(Federer) and 31(Nadal) their careers are coming to an end. While both are adamant that they still have a few more years of tennis left in them one can only wonder how much they have left in the tank as far as grand slams go. One thing is for sure I will NEVER bet against Nadal when it comes to Roland Garros. He is afterall the king of clay being the only man to ever win 10…yes 10 French Open titles. That in itself was something magical to watch this year.

I will never forget watching some of their incredible finals when they played each other. When they played Wimbledon in 2008 and Nadal finally beat Federer on the grass court. It was something truly magical. To see that moment and see the admiration in both of their eyes that they had for each other. They say it all the time how much they admire and respect each other. Then you cut to this year at the Australian Open. Both of them coming back from an injury ridden 2016. It was just one of those epic Nadal-Federer moments.

The fact that between the two of them they have won every grand slam this year. Federer winning the Australian Open and Wimbledon and Nadal winning the French Open and US Open. It just proves that they can still play and they can sure as shit still win. It’s been so incredible to see two men who last year everyone was saying are over come back this year and basically say “hold my beer” and dominate.

This is the first time since 2011 that they are back on top of the charts as world number one (Nadal) and number two (Federer). I hope to see a few more good years out of these two before they call it a day on their careers. I think we can still get a few championships out of both of them yet.

On this night however we celebrate Nadal being champion again at the US Open. Congratulations to him!

4 thoughts on “Federer and Nadal”

  1. I really enjoyed this post. I am done making predictions about these two. I thought for sure they were both finished last year and then 2017 happened. I still believe that Novak will come back from his troubles, but who knows what the next year will hold? And you’re right. Rafa will always have Paris.

    Oh, and the 2008 Wimbledon final was simply as good as tennis could possibly get.


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