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Labor Day Travels

I’m so sorry this is late. As they always say better late than never. Labor Day weekend has now come and gone and I got to see some interesting places. I have been living in the south shore of Massachusetts for almost a year and had never seen Cape Cod area. I’d never really even seen Plymouth. So when my mom and step father came to visit we decided that’s what we were going to do. We were going to see Cape Cod because none of us had ever seen it. To be honest now that I’ve seen it I really don’t understand the big deal. I get that they have famous beaches but there are other famous beaches too. I guess it just doesn’t impress me seeing multi million dollar homes everywhere. I’m not impressed by that kind of stuff. Some of these homes are just a way for rich people to show off how much money they make and sometimes it’s only two people living in these huge houses.

Anyway I told you that I’d share my travels so I’m sharing them. I will say that when we ate at this place called Mama Mia’s in Plymouth that had to be the absolute best gluten free pizza I’ve had up here. The crust was just perfect. You didn’t even need toppings on the pizza all you needed was the crust, sauce and cheese and it was perfect. After we had a late lunch there we headed to East Bay Grille because I wanted to see what all the fuss was about. The restaurant itself is beautiful and the bar is nice but it’s not a place I think I’d see myself constantly going to.

The biggest part of the Plymouth agenda was seeing the plantation which we did before we had our meals. I was the girl who yes brought her fancy pants camera without a memory card but luckily they had a store at the plantation and I bought a card so I could take photos. It was very interesting learning about the kind of conditions that they lived in when they settled in Plymouth.What you also learn is that they didn’t really land in Plymouth that is just the location that they decided on settling in. They actually landed in Provincetown. These are just a few of the things that I got to see while at the plantation.

This was the view across from the fort…absolutely beautiful

of course you can’t go to Plymouth without seeing a rock with a date printed on it…

The next day it was time to venture to Cape Cod. It was the perfect day to pick to go because it was a rainy day and that meant not a lot of beach traffic to deal with. In fact when we driving in the traffic leaving the cape was horrendous. We decided that we were going to see Hyannis, Ma. For those of you that are history buffs you would know that Hyannis is famous for being the home of the Kennedy family.

I love learning and history so for me when we decided we were going to Hyannis and we found out that there was a JFK Museum there it was the perfect thing to do on a rainy day. It wasn’t even all that expensive to get in and learn about how much this incredible man did in his very short time in office. I knew he was well respected but it gave me a chance to really learn why he was such a loved president in his short time. This family is truly and incredible family. They have done so much good for so many people and places. I honestly took more pictures than I could begin to share while at the museum. I am planning on definitely going back there probably not on a weekend day so that I can go when I can really just spend hours there reading and learning everything.

So here are a few of the pictures from our adventure at the JFK Museum.

Next on my list of things that I want to go see is the JFK Library. That may be on my game plan for one of my off days this week. Now that I saw some of their history I want to see more of it.

So until next adventure…

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