Bye bye Instagram

I gave up on Instagram almost a week ago today. I completely deleted all my photos from it and then I decided to just delete it entirely. I honestly haven’t looked back. I don’t even miss it at all. Instagram had become a source of my self punishment.

I would go on Instagram multiple times a day looking at celebrities and my friends and constantly use it as a tool to put myself down. I would look at everyone on the beach or out having a life and realize how little of a life I have. I don’t have the luxury to just go places.

I also used it for sure as a way to punish myself for how I look. I would look at all these skinny models and celebrity women and tell myself that I will never look as good as they do. I’m never going to be a size zero. I’d use it to beat myself down every day by comparing my life to everyone else’s life that they share on Instagram.

Finally all that self hatred and beating down finally just grew to be too much. I thought about what I could do to change that and the answer was as simple as just getting rid of that app. I haven’t even thought about Instagram since I did that. I don’t spend countless minutes surfing an app only to use it as a source of self hate. I don’t miss posting photos on there. If I want to share photos with friends and family I can easily do it through emails or text messages and not on an app.

Will I ever activate my Instagram again? I don’t know. For right now probabaly not. It really isn’t a huge deal to me. More and more lately I’m keeping my life private and off of social media and it seems to be going much better that way. So my suggestion for any girl like myself who finds herself constantly scrolling Instagram and comparing yourself and your life to these women…take a break. Deactivate your account, delete the application. Just take a breath from it all and you will find how much easier it is for you.

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