It’s time to talk, it’s time to end the stigma

This past week we saw another influential music artist that took their life due to mental health problems. People making comments about why didn’t he get help. Why did he want to suffer just to make music. Do you honestly think he wanted to suffer? That he purposely wanted to be that unhealthy mentally that he would rather take his life than live? Let’s make one thing clear his lyrics and music were a reflection of the battle that was going on inside of him. He did not intentionally suffer just so he would have something to write about. 

It is comments like that, that make you realize we need to talk about mental health openly and honestly. We need to stop having such a stigma about it. We need to stop saying to people who suffer that they will just get over it. Mental health problems are not just something that you get over. They are a daily battle for very many people. Depression is a chemical imbalance in your brain which is why they have medications for it. Do the medications entirely fix it? No of course not but what they do is prevent you from falling harder than you would without them. 

Assuming that celebrities who have mental health problems shouldn’t because they have “everything they want” is a bunch of bull if you ask me. Money and material things do not make someone happy. You don’t know what battles they have going on inside of them. Celebrities are humans too and they have struggles just like we all do. Many of them have anxiety discorder from being so heavily in the public eye. 

Those of us with mental health conditions have good days and bad days. Sometimes the bad days are more than the good days. We don’t need people in our lives who tell us to just get over it or call us drama queens. We need people in our lives who are understanding of what we are going through. Who understand that if we are having a bad day we may want to simply be left alone. We want to be left alone so we don’t do or say anything that’s going to upset someone. We also need people in our lives that are going to force us to talk even if we don’t want to talk. 

The only way we are going to change anything about how America views mental health is by talking about it. Having celebrities come forward and say hey you know what I have mental health problems. I think having people come forward and say it’s okay to go through these things will help change the conversation about it. We need to stop being afraid of admitting to mental health problems. Suffering from depression and anxiety does not mean you’re crazy. It means you are sick. When we get sick we see doctors and we get treated for it. 

So let’s end the stigma. Let’s open up the conversation. Let’s stop shoving mental health issues under the rug and pretending they do not exist. Let’s talk. 

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