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Let’s talk about singing and lip syncing…

If you are a fan of music at all and going to see live performances you know a little something about lip syncing. Especially if you are a fan of someone like Britney Spears because she is frequently in the headlines claiming she does not sing live at her performances. Britney would not have a record deal and the career she has if she didn’t actually have talent and know how to sing. There is a lot more that goes into singing than just opening your mouth and having a pretty voice come out of it. It’s very easy to judge when you aren’t in the other persons shoes.

I took vocal lessons for a long time and I can tell you first hand when I went in there I didn’t realize how hard it really was to have a good singing voice. Yes I do have a good voice and I thank God for that but it is a lot of work to maintain your vocals. You don’t just open your mouth and have a good singing voice. When you are singing and I mean really singing you are using your diaphragm to push the voice out. There is a lot of breathing technique that also goes into properly singing as well. When you are a singer you have to learn to take deep breathes with your diaphragm and be able to extend that breath and push in with your diaphragm at the same time.

Proper singing is very different than just the person who starts singing in the shower thinking they are doing it correctly. The fact that you have to do all of this with your diaphragm makes it very difficult to do a lot of movement when trying to sing. The amount of movement and dancing that Britney does in each one of her performances would make it very difficult for her to be able to sing properly and maintain the voice that we expect her to maintain. Which is why she uses a mixture of her vocals and a backing track. This is actually a very common practice with all performance including Beyonce. Since everyone seems to use Beyonce as the example of a perfect performer. It would be very difficult for her as well to do all the dancing and singing.

Using a mixture of backtrack and vocals is something that has been around for years when it comes to performing. That doesn’t mean that the person performing is not talented and can’t sing. There is a lot of hard work that goes into an artist’s performance between dancing and vocals. Most of these artists also continue to have vocal coaches because they have to keep their voices in shape. Just like you have to keep exercising to keep your body in shape vocalists have to keep exercising their vocals.

I just wanted to stick up for the artists who constantly get called fake because people think they are lip syncing. A lot of the times it is just as explained above it’s a mixture. If they didn’t use backtrack their performances probably would not sound like something you would want to pay money to go see because their voices would be very weak and out of breath from all the dancing.

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