Gluten Free

Five cheese mac n cheese my way 

First things first I’m going to take these ingredients and turn them into something delicious. 

This is my shopping list:

  1. Gluten free elbow noodles
  2. Gluten free breadcrumbs
  3. Shredded Parmesan 
  4. Shredded Monterey Jack 
  5. Shredded sharp cheddar
  6. Shredded provolone 
  7. Shredded mozzarella 
  8. Milk (whichever you prefer)
  9. Butter
  10. Gluten free flour
  11. Ground turkey

The last three ingredients come into play later.

First things first you want to make sure you get your pasta cooking. Boil your water with a little salt and oil in it. Once it’s at a rolling boil toss your pasta noodles in there. Keep a watchful eye because you don’t want to overcook the noodles. You want them as close to al dente as possible as you will be using the oven. 

Once you’ve got your noodles in there cooking it’s time to get started on browning the meat. You don’t have to use ground turkey I just like to switch between that and ground beef. 

Season the meat with a little garlic, salt and pepper. That will just help to add a little extra flavor to it. It won’t take long to get the meat cooked so you should probably just stay in the kitchen. Throw on some music and jam while you’re cooking this meal. 

Once you have the noodles and meat done throw them into the colander and rinse them off. I do this step with them both together as a time saver. You can do them separately if you choose. 

The next step is super important when you are making any sort of cheese sauce. You want to start with what is called a bechemel base to the sauce. So you first want to take butter and on medium heat get it melted down. Once it’s melted you want to add flour to the mix. You want to use your wisk and wisk it until it is not clumpy slowly adding milk to it. Eventually you want the bechemel base to look like this. 

It’s a nice and creamy base to start out your sauce with. Then you just want to start slowly adding your cheeses into the sauce wisking it until it is smooth. Eventually it will turn out like this. 

If you find that your sauce is still too thick feel free to add a little bit more milk to thin it out. This is all about eyeballing when it comes to how thick or thin you want your sauce. 

Once you have your sauce prepared and your noodles and meat done it’s time to throw it all together. First pre-heat your oven to 350. Find your favorite pan that you use when throwing things in the oven and combine everything together in that pan like this. 

Then just before you toss it into the oven add the gluten free breadcrumbs on top of it for a little something extra. You want to keep it in the oven just long enough to brown the breadcrumbs. I also sprinkled just a bit more cheese on top of it for a little added something. 

Keep an eye on it while it’s in the oven so you don’t burn it. The worst thing to clean on a pan is burnt cheese sauce. Once you pop it out of the oven it’s time for this. 

Scoop it out and enjoy!

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