Love wins always…

There is a hashtag going around on twitter that says love always wins. My thought as of late is does it really? While we can preach all we want about acceptance and understanding does anything really change unless we as a society force it to change? The answer is no it won’t. Unless we become the voice and the movement for change nothing will change. 

Women will still be treated as less than a man. Minorities will still be treated as though they are less because they are not “white”. The lgbtq community will still be treated as outcast and their lives threatened because they don’t love what we think is right. 

In our society one of the biggest problems is that we are so quick to pass judgement. We look at a photo of someone and instantly start passing judgment making comments about it. We see a photo of a child in a bathing suit and start saying well their parent shouldn’t have let them wear that. So we shouldn’t let our children wear bathing suits anymore because a few will take it the wrong way?

We all need to just stop judging someone before we get to know them. Stop making assumptions about a person that you do not truly know. They could turn out to be one of the nicest people and you wouldn’t know because instead of getting to know them you said oh why bother. Look at them. 

If we all practiced being more accepting and less hateful I think it could make a huge diffeeence in how things are today. 

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