Getting lost in a book…

Some people say that reading is boring. That it’s outdated when we have all these movies and television to keep ourselves entertained. To me reading is anything but boring when you get a hold of that good book. It’s all up to your tastes and how the author writes it. As someone who has read more books than I can count on two hands I can tell you different authors have different writing styles. 

I have encountered some books that I made it through one chapter and tossed them aside. Others I’ve started and couldn’t put down. There are also those occasional ones that you at first think man this book is not exciting and how am I going to keep going. Then you force yourself to keep going and it turns into this amazing story laid out in the pages. 

I’m the person that if I know there’s a movie or show coming out based on a book I want to read that story first. So many times shows and movies based off of books just don’t do justice to the real story. Take for example The Lord of the Rings trilogy. Great set of movies but even better set of books. The movies while they were incredible were not completely the same as the books. The same can be said for Twilight and the Hunger Games and more recently the show Big Little Lies. 

I didn’t watch the show because I do not have HBO but I heard about it from different people. I’ve been asked question by people that did watch it because they knew I’d read the book. The book was written by an Australian author named Liane Moriarty. She also wrote an incredible book called The Husband’s Secret. My sister in law was the one who introduced me to her books. She has a very distinct style of how she writes her books and I love them. I know that the setting was changed for the show and I’ve heard there were other components of the show that were not the same as in the book. 

My favorite thing to do when I get time to just curl up with my Nook and read. Yes I have one of the e-readers and it’s honestly one of my favorite things I own. Nothing compares of course to that feeling of a new book. The way those pages feel so crisp and the sound they make when the page turns. However I enjoy the fact that I have one device that has an entire library of books that I enjoy on it. It’s so easy to transport with me as well. 

What I love most about reading is that if you get a really good author you can picture the pages in your mind. You can draw up your own image of what this character should look like. To me that is part of what makes reading fun is imaging in your mind how this story would really play out. That’s why I get so disappointed when I see movies try to turn stories into film and the characters don’t match up to at all how imagined they would. It’s one of the reasons I stopped watching the divergent series after the second movie. 

I’m so glad that one of my favorite celebrities, Reese Witherspoon is using her social media to spread the joys of reading. She always is posting about a new book she discovered. I’ve paid attention and plan on reading some of the books that she suggested. I think we are at a point where we are so technology inclined that we’ve lost that feeling to want to pick up a book. We need to get that feeling back. Reading helps expand your vocabulary and keep your mind fresh. 

My current read

So what I say is keep reading. Keep letting your imaginations fly. If you see yourself one day eating to write a book go for it. There will always be a need to have books. Reading will NEVER go out of style. 

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