Stop doing remakes…

Has Hollywood run out of ideas? I feel like every other day I’m reading a story of yet another remake happening in the movie world. I feel like there are just some great movies that absolutely need to be left alone. Stop making bad sequels and stop rebooting series that have already been rebooted before. Last night was the perfect example of why you need to leave some great movies alone. ABC decided they wanted to do a reboot of Dirty Dancing and it went terribly wrong in all ways.

They adjusted the story line and left out some pretty iconic moments that were in the original movie. The casting was completely wrong and there was no chemistry between the two actors who were playing the main roles. In dancing it’s all about chemistry and the fact that there was none really ruined it. The acting was just bad all around and the way that they did the film was just bad. I could go on and on about everything that was wrong with it but that would take up far too much of your time.

It just has me thinking why are they spending so much time rebooting old movies, or making sequels to movies that don’t need sequels. There are plenty of up and coming writers and talent in Hollywood that they could be making new and exciting movies. This weekend Pirates of the Caribbean 5 is coming out and I feel like that series could have easily ended at the third movie it didn’t need two more sequels. Why are we keeping series of movies going that have long passed their time of being popular? It’s as bad as why they decided to do Independence Day Resurgence and now they are making a third one of those. That is one movie that never should have had any sequels as the first one was good enough.

Last night after watching the first hour of that dreadful thing I was saved by Law and Order SVU. Then as I was googling things before writing this post I saw that Elizabeth Banks wants to do a reboot of Charlies Angels. So that brought up more of why do they keep doing this? They tried to reboot Charlies Angels before and it was a flop. The original Charlies Angels face it is just something that is so iconic it will never be out done. I’m not saying that Elizabeth Banks is not talented because we all know she was the mastermind behind the Pitch Perfect franchise. I just feel like there are some good things that need to be left alone.

That would be like if someone ever dared to try and remake gone with the wind. I would be up in arms about that because that is one movie that definitely and absolutely should be left as it is and not touched. We as fans of these movies want to see the good movies that we fell in love with be left alone. We want to remember the stories as they were originally told and not deal with seeing them retold time and again. I think it’s time that Hollywood starts trying to go back to original content instead of this remaking and retelling of old stories in different and new ways. That’s just my opinion but I think a lot of people share that sentiment based off of how fans reacted last night to that dirty dancing catastrophe.

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