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When will it end?

Yesterday while I was across the ocean at my job enjoying lovely conversation with people there were young ones losing their lives. The amount of senseless violence is increasing day by day around the globe. Tensions are so high right now that the smallest of incidents is going to set off a war between nations. 

We are supposed to feel safe when we go to see concerts, or fly on an airplane, or go to a church. The reality of today is much harsher. The reality today is that you can’t feel safe anywhere you go. Safety is few and far between in the world we live in right now. 

Those people in Manchester U.K. were just there to have a good time all together. They were there to enjoy the music of someone that they all truly loved. They wanted to have a good time and enjoy something they were passionate about. Instead some of them are now not going to be returning home to their loved ones.

Instead Ariana Grande is not going to be finishing the rest of her European tour leg. Instead people are hurt and crying. Instead of celebrating something good they are mourning. Instead of being able to sleep tonight they will be lying awake probably reliving the incident over and over in their heads. 

We must stop this. Some how some way we must stop the violence. We must end the racism. We must end the sexism against women. We must end the hatred towards our lgbtq community. Instead of forging lines and dividing things further we must bond them together. We must find a way to bring people together and it tear them apart. 

My deepest thoughts and prayers are with everyone who has been affected by the bombing outside of Ariana’s concert in England tonight. 

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