Don’t judge a book by the cover

That age old saying is so very true and you see examples of it every day. Whether it’s the stereotypical oh she’s a blonde so she’s a ditz or whatever the case may be. We are way to quick today to judge someone based solely on their outward appearance without even bothering to get to know the person that’s on the inside. Someone weighs just a little bit more than you think they should and you start judging their lifestyle because they aren’t as skinny as you think people should be. Which is a whole other topic for another day.

It happens every where you go every single day someone will look at your outward appearance and start instantly drawing conclusions about who you really are even though they don’t know you. A woman who likes to wear red lipstick is looking for sex. A woman with big boobs is superficial and fake even if they are natural. I saw the perfect example of this today while I was out at a restaurant getting dinner.

Someone came into the restaurant and saw a person of their same culture and instantly assumed that person spoke their native language. The person actually did not speak in the native language and only spoke English. This happens a lot these days. Just because someone looks Asian it doesn’t mean they number one speak Asian and number two speak the same dialect of Asian as another person. There are different dialects that people can speak. Just like someone from Mexico does not speak the same Spanish language that someone from Spain speaks. Someone from Brazil even though they look Hispanic most likely speaks Portuguese.

We need to be a lot more careful about what we assume a person does or does not do based off of their appearances. Especially when it comes to language barriers because first of all that can be offensive to someone when you start speaking Spanish to them and they don’t even know Spanish. It’s assuming that just because they share the same heritage they should know the same language and sometimes that’s not the case. I know a lot of people who were born in the United States and their families only taught them English.

Blondes do not always have more fun. Brunettes are not smarted just because they are brunette. Ginger’s are not crazy or psychotic. The color hair that we have doesn’t determine who we are at all it’s just a physical feature of who we are. Blondes are not stupid and not all brunettes are super smart. That’s just something some person made up a long time ago that has just never gone away.

Instead of judging each other we should try getting to know one another instead. Sometimes when you look beyond someone’s outward appearance you learn a lot about that person. Sometimes what you learn even leads to you becoming friends with the person because you find out that despite outward appearance you have a lot in common with them. The cover on a book doesn’t determine if you are going to like the book it’s just a piece of art. The same rings true for our own physical appearance, it’s just a work of art and who we are on the inside is the part that is important and is the part that people should get to know.

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