What is a mother…

Today is Mother’s Day in the United States. This day has me thinking about many topics but most prominent is this. What constitutes being a mother? A mother as defined by Merriam Webster is a female parent. That is it. There is no rule that says to be a female parent you have to physically give birth to a child. There is no reason to argue whether or not an adoptive mother is a mother.

To me a mother is a parent that raises a child. If you adopt a child at a young age and that child only knows you as their mother than guess what you are a mother. Even if you adopt a child that is older you’re still their mother. You are going to be the one helping to raise and teach the child. You are going to be the one loving that child. Which brings me to my other point. You do not need to have given birth to a child to understand unconditional love between a child and their parent. That is something that happens when you become a parent. Suddenly your life is not just about you anymore it’s about your child.

Also, the term step-mother rings a bell as far as motherhood is concerned. I have heard with my own ears someone say to a woman you aren’t a real mother because you married a man who had children. Which as far as I’m concerned is ridiculous. If you helped to raise a child or children with a man you are married to you are in some ways a mother even though you are not biologically their mother. You just have to know as a step-mother that those children have a mother in some cases and understand that you have limits.

On this day I want to say thank you to my own mother. She’s my best friend, my biggest fan and everything in between. We have our disagreements and moments where we don’t get along but at the end of the day I would be completely lost without her. I am very lucky that I still have a mother as a few people close to me no longer have theirs. I know it’s cliche to say I have the best mother because we all think we have the best mother, but I’m going to say it anyway because I think I do have the best mother!

To all of the mothers out there whether you are biological mothers, adoptive mothers, or step-mothers I hope you enjoy this day and get spoiled by your loved ones!

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