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Semi homemade gluten free mozzarella sticks

If you are anything like I am and are diagnosed with Celiac you know the first thought in your head is what about the Italian pastas and things you love. Well have no fear! There are plenty of companies that make really good tasting gluten free pastas. It’s all about modifying the recipes you already have in your family to work with your gluten free diet. 

One of my favorite things to eat growing up was mozzarella sticks. I’ve struggled over the years trying to find a company that even makes gluten free ones. So instead I decided you know what why not just make them for myself. 

All you need is simple. You just need mozzarella in whatever form you want it. I bought sticks of it and sliced them in half. You need the eggs and I add a bit of buttermilk to the egg mixture. You’re choice of gluten free ap flour. Then whatever your favorite brand of gluten free breadcrumbs is. I like 4c brand italian seasoned breadcrumbs. Separate each ingredient onto dishes or bowls. Make sure to pre-heat the oven or oil whichever you want to use. If using oil make sure the sticks are in there for 2-3 minutes tops that is it or you will have a giant fried glob.


  1. Take cheese and place into flour make sure even coating 
  2. Dip into egg mixture and then let excess drain off
  3. Repeat steps one and two if desired 
  4. Once coated in egg place into breadcrumbs
  5. After even coating place into baking sheet or in oil

Make sure to watch them after placing into the oil and oven. You don’t want cheese running out of the coating it means they were in too long. Give them time to cool a bit once they are removed from the hearing element. Then eat and enjoy. 

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