Red lip classic

I am a huge fan of red lipsticks. I have many different brands of red lipsticks that I rotate through. I was never one for lipstick wearing until honestly my favorite singer, Taylor Swift started wearing red lipstick. I was never daring enough to wear it. Then one day I thought why not just do it. Ever since then red lips have become a sort of staple for me. 

To me wearing red lipstick brings about an inner confidence in me. I can’t really explain it or put it into words but it does. I’ve been told it compliments my hair very nicely since I have a small hint of red in my hair naturally. Usually when I wear red lipstick I notice I get a lot more compliments from people. 

However, today as I was passing by I heard someone make the suggestion that because I was wearing red lipstick I was “trying to get laid”. First of all that is highly offensive to someone like myself who has decided to not have sex again until marriage. Secondly, since when does the color lipstick you wear indicate if you want to have sex? I’ve had sex with no makeup on. 

Red lipstick is not about looking beautiful for anyone else. To me it is about looking good for myself and feeling confident and powerful. Red lipstick just has that ability to bring out a woman’s inner confidence and that is what is sexy. Confidence is sexy and don’t let anyone tell you any different! I say rock the red lipstick and do it with confidence and power!

One of my favorite reds smashbox always on liquid lip on bawse

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