I can’t stay silent and I won’t. 

I am a woman and therefore will stand up for women’s rights. That being said I am also an American and will stand up for American citizens rights. One of those rights is the right for us to have health care and an impartial legal system. 

That being said how in the hell is making sexual assault a pre-existing condition in the new health care reform going to A. Improve anything about healthcare and B. Make citizens of this country feel safe and like they’re care about. If anything this is only going to encourage sexual predators to get away with more shit because it won’t be reported so that health care can’t be denied. 

How in the world are you going to call sexual assault a condition?! Why because you’re scared of a little PTSD that it can give the victim? That’s the problem with this freaking society and this country. Mental health is not treated like it’s a real issue it’s treated like a damn disease that they want to pretend doesn’t exist. Well guess what it does exist. It’s real and it’s serious to some people. 

Also how are you going to tell a transgender person that they don’t deserve to have health rights like every other citizen of this country?! Were they not born here?! Are they personally attacking you or causing you physical harm in any way by being transgender?! NO they aren’t. You’re just bred to believe that if it’s different it’s wrong and it’s not safe. 

At the end of the day all of us are human beings no matter what we look like on the outside. No matter what gender we associate with. We all were born as humans. The fact that we were all born as humans means we all deserve to be given equal rights period. 

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