The power of technology

Technology is a very powerful thing especially in today’s society. There are children that are having iphones before they even reach the age to understand what they are. Young children are learning how to work a tablet before some adults even have their first tablet. It’s crazy to think how much we’ve already advanced and how far technology is going to be advancing. Are we all eventually going to be replaced by a bunch of machines? Are jobs going to become so technological that they won’t need actual humans in order to do them?

We already for the most part are relying on robotics to build the cars that we drive every day. Very rarely are those made with human hands anymore. We are relying on technology in the form of our cell phones or the internet as a main source of contact between people. Communication has changed so much with the way technology is these days. Face to face conversations are almost completely a thing of the past. I feel like that can have a real impact on how our younger generation grows up to be. The more you interact behind the face of a phone or computer screen the less you really know how to interact physically and in person. I think face to face communication is so important. How often are you texting someone and you say something that is interpreted completely differently than intended? I know it’s happened to me many times and why is that? That is because without talking on the phone or being face to face it becomes harder to interpret the emotion behind the actual message that another person is trying to send to you.

The other danger behind all of this social media is the fact that it’s opening dangerous doors. The main problem that it breeds is oversharing. People are becoming less private with their personal lives. People are sharing their every location and that can be especially dangerous if you are alone someplace. You never ever want to share your location when you are alone as that can open a dangerous door that you don’t want opened. Children are posting risque photos of themselves on social media and not thinking twice about it. You can argue sure that parents need to be more involved in what their children are posting but it also shoes how dangerous social media can become.

Social media has opened the doors for bullying wide open. It’s very true when people say you are more willing to be nasty to someone when hiding behind a computer screen. We’ve all done it, we’ve all looked at something someone posted or a photo of someone and said something nasty about it. We may not have physically posted it on the website but we’ve thought about it and others have actually posted it. It is so much easier to tease someone when you don’t have to deal with doing it face to face. Cyber bullying is very real and it happens every single day to thousands of people. It isn’t just young people that get bullied online. There are plenty of celebrities who deal with that all the time because you are never going to be liked by everyone that’s just a fact of life. People are much crueler when they don’t have to be doing it directly to your face.

We must have the conversations we don’t want to have with young children. We must teach our teens and pre-teens how to be careful with the internet. We have to talk about bullying and be the change. We have to be the ones encouraging that life is worth much more than what people may or may not say to you on a computer.

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